April 5th, 2004

_tsumetai - waiting in the Air

Nooo! Kill her!

What on earth would make me get up at 5:30AM?


Yes, they're back. Sorry for the wait. I decided to put it off until I got good idea's.

You won't have to wait too much longer for Winry's. Sometime this week.

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Shin, Eyeshield 21

the books are here (finally!)

The books are finally here! After harassing amazon.co.jp, they finally sent the books. I'll be sending out emails to the people who ordered. It's $21 with all s&h included if you live in the U.S. and add $1.30 for insurance. For people in Canada, it's $26 all s&h included (through priority mail). For questions, etc. email me at sukiyaki_is_yummy@hotmail.com.

I am sooo happy I finally have my own copy! XD
*drools at prettiness*

This book is worth all the trouble and every penny I went through to get it. Hopefully, the 10 sample artbook pictures that are up will satisfy people until they get to see all 90 lovely pictures in proper 8"x12" glory.

updates & archive opinion

Crossposted to fm_alchemist, alchemical_aid, ed_winry, fma_het, fma_fiction, and fmalchemist. Yes, that's right, there are now FIVE major FMA communities, and I'm sure there's more that I just haven't stumbled across yet, or that no one's told me about. I don't mind making the public service announcements, and it seems people like seeing them. But it's a hassle trying to cross-post that much when my time is already limited, so I'll no longer be posting to all the various communities, although I will continue to scour the journals for good stories and artists. (If I miss someone you think is deserving of a home, please feel free to post on LJ or email me directly with your nomination, the writer/artist's name, and a URL of where I can find his/her stuff.)

If you want to get updates regularly, you can either friend scimitarsmile, or you can sign up for the elist update. Or, of course, you can swing by Scimitar on a regular basis. Newest updates are always on the front page.

I'd also like to take this chance to state publicly that I've now gotten three emails lambasting me for hosting stories with certain pairings. And the mildly amusing element is that each email has fussed about completely different pairings. I'm going to state this in all forums and leave it as my official stand on the matter as an archivist.

Q: What do I think about pairings - ANY pairings?


I didn't decide to host the archives because I want to push any agenda. Nor do I host because I want to ignore any pairings or characters. I just think good writers - of any ilk or preference - should have a home, and it's really far better for readers if you can gather as many of those good writers in one place. Searching all over the net, through FF.net, or even LiveJournal - is time-consuming and sometimes annoying. So...all in one place! Yay. (Well, I thought it'd be a yay.)

ALL stories, therefore, are icon'ed, because diversity in selection is GOOD. Green for general. Orange for shonen-ai. Purple is the het equivalent (meaning nothing more than a kiss). Blue for mature heterosexual relationship; red for mature homosexual relationships. You see the color you disagree with, don't read that story or look at that picture. But don't come whining to me because I refuse to censor writers. As long as the spelling's good, the grammar's in line, and the punctuation isn't too whacked - and, of course, that the characters are as IC as possible - then that's what makes me notice a writer, and issue an invitation.

Thanks again, all, your support and understanding is much appreciated.

- Sol
Frog-Got Frog?

RP opening

Hey folks. After watching 24 episodes of FMA in one weekend, I went home and created an AOL SN for Edward. I've been going for about a week and haven't been able to get any other FMA RPers.

For right now I'm really looking for an Al and Roy. And as a warning, I'm a big Roy/Ed fan. *waves a flag* So keep that in mind if you're interested. If anyone else wants to join up, just let me know. You can either leave a comment here or email me at FullMetalChibi@aol.com

I'm so lonely without fellow FMA RPers.

Oh. And I'm still looking for any information on Roy's background.

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Star Trek - Bones and Jim - Contentment

For IRC people ^^

Episode 26 from A-Keep/ANBU is out on IRC, hopefully the torrent will be up soon for the non irc go-ers. (Although if you know how to use IRC, the bots are usually 10x faster then the torrent. I got my episode in less then 20 min. ^^

Now we will all get to see what the new songs mean! XD
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the heart of things

Ed Art

Hello to everyone! I've been a member for..maybe a week. I like looking at everyone else's interpretation of the characters. Although I honestly don't know if looking at everyone else's art inspires or disheartens me ;). Anyway.

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*waves to Terra and Scampers off*
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hammer time!


Well This Is my first post even though I have been a member and fan for quite some time now, Anyway I just wanted to know what I should do In the GBA rom, Im stuck at a part where you get a dre-haired girl who can heal and you have to kill alot of Chimeras. I cant seem to get to the last one which is a Bird on the top part of the map. What do I need to transmute to get up there? Also Is there a shop in the game and how do I get money? Oh and did chapters 16 and Gaiden 2 work for any of you? Mine always time out...
Esp - Sheep

Listening to FMA OST....

...and I have to admit that it is worth the money.

'Ve been waiting for the soundtrack to come out, but unfortunately it did come out, just when I was broke. T_T So it took me this long to buy it, but boy was it worth it.

I like tr.32 'Brother' the best (actually it's the theme that convinced me to buy me the CD despite all the time I managed to refuse such urges), but I also like tr.10 'Youwa'. So luvly....
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fy nuriko thinking


Hey there, everyone--
Just a question, I downloaded the rom and stuff someone here linked awhile ago, and it works and stuff, and I'm probably going to buy it before I go on vacation--but I digress. I was wondering if anyone knew of an English patch for the rom version that would help me understand the game (though I see it follows the anime, or viceversa, whathaveyou)?
*slinks off*
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Find the Moon - ch6

No, I'm not kidding. I really did write another 5500 words in the space of about five hours. And I even got the living room clean, and did the dishes, and walked the dogs! Actually, if anyone's wondering just how possessed I am, I write for a living. It's just that I also write fanfic as a way to take a break from writing original fiction...which I guess is kinda like a busman's holiday, isn't it. Hrm.


ch6, because Sol types too fast

Incidentally, I've made edits since putting the version up on LJ. You can read here, or you can wait until I've uploaded the final version on Scimitar, probably sometime tomorrow mid-day. Up to you, but if you see repetitions (a huge flaw of mine when moving too quickly and this brainburnt with inspiration), feel free to point them out, but I've caught most of them, I think. Remains/remaining, cuffs, platform, seat...but there's probably more.