April 4th, 2004

Winamp skin. Clicky clicky.

Right. First time poster, so don't bite.

Finished this one and thought I post it here as well since someone was asking for FMA skins the other time.

Skin meant for winamp 2.x and winamp 5 even if it makes the skin look wonky.


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updates, sun apr 4

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Keruri – Meat Pie and Pastry
Lady Cosmos – Won't Go Home Again | Him
Dana – Walk A Mile | Wax
Sol 1056 – Find the Moon: 4
Harukami – Impressions | Challenge Arc
White Aster – Saving Souls
Veatariel – Drabble Collection

Some of these are actually updates from yesterday, that I didn't have a chance to announce because I had to split for event right after FTP finished. You can find everything at Scimitar Smile, either through the main page or the previous updates page.

Almost done loading up the latest artwork, too, but real life is intruding again. Gyah.

- Sol
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Does anyone know.. on the FMA OST, the track "Brother" (The one with the lady singing a foreign language), what language she's singing in? I'm pretty sure it's not japanese.
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This site's not mine, it's a friends, and she asked me to post the link here! It's on Lust and Envy.

There's spoilers on it, and she didn't do a very good job at hiding them... >.<

And I plan on updating my Black Hayate shrine sometime this week! ^_^

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I hope this wasn't posted before, but I'm going crazy..

anyone know where to download the FMA OST's? x_x
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