March 31st, 2004

Butterfly: Blue


Okay, this fic has been battering around my head, and the first part is nowhere done, but the beginning part of the first part is sorta done and I wanted to share it with you peoples and hope to get a beta-reader too. XD

And the title doesn't make sense at first, but when I get deeper into the story, it will. I've also combined the manga and anime in certain areas since I like a lot of both. XD

Also, I do have some of the end of chapter 15 in the opening, so if you haven't read the chapter, beware!

Massive spoilers for episode 25 and chapter 15 (like you guys don't know what is happening already) I am also setting up camp on a river called denile. That is the background feeling for myself, denile. So without further rambling from myself, I give you:

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ficdrabble: "Calling"

I can't believe I'm actually posting this... My first foray into fanfic in over a year, FMA-style. I'm trying out a style that's really different than what I usually write - pretty simple and minimalistic. I'm still out of practice, so ph34r me my apologies if it seems rough around the edges. C&C (even brutally honest ones!) will earn you showers of my appreciation and affection. *g*

Spoilerific for episode 25/chapter 15!

t3h m3

. long time, no see .

this is my first post in a while, but i had a theory i wanted to run by you guys, since i just now finished watching ep25 (i started to think this after 24, but this past episode backed up my theory a bit).
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Find the Moon - ch3

Added another chapter, figured I'd polish off and slap it up if anyone's reading. Cause, hey, what the hell. I probably won't code it until later this evening, or tomorrow morning, so consider this a sneak preview. Or something.

find the moon, ch3

general, rated PG-13, some violence and mild language. next chapter, uh, more violence, and probably a pissed-off Edward. hehe. But first, I got other stories to tackle. Moon'll roll back around, though. ;D

- Sol


i know that as a fan of FMA, i should know this... but what gender is Envy? me and my friend got into an argument cuz i thought envy was a guy and she thought envy was a girl. help me out?
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Not sure if anyone brought this up before:

We know that about everyone in the military is named after WWII aircraft. No one has mentioned Black Hayate's namesake. Or this is what I assume is his namesake since Hayate's also translated into "gale" or "hurricane".

The Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate was numerically the most important fighter serving with the Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF) during the last year of the Pacific War, and was probably the best Japanese fighter aircraft to see large-scale operation during this period of the war. The Hayate was fully the equal of even the most advanced Allied fighters which opposed it, and was often their superior in many important respects. It was well armed and armored, was fast, and was very maneuverable. Although it was generally outnumbered by Allied fighters which opposed it, it nevertheless gave a good account of itself in battles over the Philippines, over Okinawa, and over the Japanese home islands. So desperate was the need for Ki-84s in the last months of the war, Japan was building underground factories with a planned rate of 200 aircraft per month....

source 1
Source 2

Smack me if I'm wrong.

updates, wed mar 31

Crossposted to fm_alchemist, alchemical_aid, fma_het, fma_fiction, and fmalchemist.

New authors, too!

Asuka - Calling
Sol 1056 - Find the Moon: 3
Harukami - Belief and Memory | A Love Transcending Boundaries | What Peacetime's For
White Aster - A Dream of Parting
Vikki - Learning Curve

Still working on some of the other pages, between popping advil and cursing the fact that I have a head and that it must get a headache no new chapters from me today, on anything. Slacking, I suppose. Hm. I want a cookie.

- Sol
(゜ω゜) んーごくらくー

12 pieces of fanart

Hi. I bring fanart. Half is stuff I put in the "smut" category, and a majority of THAT is ye olde RoyEd. I can't really separate the links, though I would like to, so instead it's all in this one cut. >_> Don't worry, the normal stuff is at the top and kind of separated from the rest, and there are links and warnings everywhere. I don't think it'll be TOO hard to find what you're looking for, but just in case. (For those of you that read my diary, don't pay too much attention to this, because there's not much that's new.)

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Again, very sorry I couldn't separate these. (I would like to, but I'm kind of nervous about making a whole extra post just for smut.) Enjoy. XB
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New and Needy

Hi all. I love the show, and the manga of FMA. This group rocks and I hoept o see more art! Great job so far too guys. Anyway, I have a quick Q...
By any chance would any of you have any Jap yaoi links of FMA? ^^; Hate to ask for those who don't like yaoi, but I figured this would be my best bet in trying to find a link. I have looked on Google, and of course it gave me nothing. Hehe. Thanks to those who will be helping me out with this! Thanks again.
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