March 28th, 2004


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Does anyone know where to get a FMA LJ mood theme?
There's so many degrees of emotion that Ed goes through and that would just be like... perfect.

(Or any anime mood theme, actually.)
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EDIT: basically, it's a notice from the US department of Justice, dealing with copyright stuff, that the sites are closed. Ah! don't hurt me!

I'm confused

Yeah, my friend just brought this up. The same has happened for ANBU. Too busy to look at it closely but I was like "o_O????". BLARGH.
Fashion is smashin'.

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Um. I was thinking of creating a FMA game help community? Because let's face it, a fair amount of us have no clue what in hell we're supposed to do. XD This way, we (read: the Japanese illiterate me) won't spam the community with cries of "4:4? What the hell is that?" and "When do we see Roy in the game? When? Whenwhenwhenwhen? >3".

Good idea, bad idea, fair amounts of foreign cheese?

Edit: I cannot have been the only one amused by this.

Dude. Ed. Your butt. It's... *dead*

Edit's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!
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It's been mentioned before, but I love this game.

Ok, got my version of the Gameboy Advance GBA game. It's all in Japanese, but by the God's that isn't stopping me playing it.

Plotwise it seems to follow the plot of the game pretty closely, at least so far, so it's not gonna be hard for us to follow it. The world is displayed top-down, like an FF game (no surprise there).

Combat works like any RPG, with attacks, items, etc. Instead of magic you transmute wepons by collected elements like iron etc and combining them in battle. When you successfully transmute something it shows an animation of Ed/Al clapping his hands together or whatever, and the cannon/blade/whatever attacks it. it's all done by hit points and stuff.

Anyway, long story short, it owns, and owns badly. If you like FF games or anything like them then you'll love this. I'd be willing to bet later in the game you get the Philosophers Stone, and all the stuff that follows. >:D

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minimalistic love
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i hope i'm doing this right -_-;;;

This is my first entry, so if I've gone and done something terribly wrong or something, er, sorry. -_-;;;

COFFEE (deviantart)-- semi-oekaki of Roy in the morning, drawn a while ago.

hot hot hot (deviantart)-- a more stylized version of Roy.

And if anyone's interested, a very peculiar "what if?" ficlet. (and I don't think the cut works properly, so it might be further down the page or something. Sorry about that. >.<)

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And hot on the heels of my last post, a couple of icons!

These're gonna be the first in a series, as soon as I can get screencaps of the rest of the mugshots from the game.*

Which'll be a while if I don't get past this train... ;;>_>
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i bring (somewhat) artage...

for my 2nd post after a looong hiatus, i bring artage instead of icons. :D
(possibly crappy, but things to look at nonetheless. ._.)

hanami taisa (taisa out of uniform)
chuusa (this isn't one of those nice funny/sad pictures, but well... the fandom needs more CHUUSA!! *fangirls* )

i know there's so much good art around here but this is my first time sharing art, so please be gentle. >_>;;
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