March 25th, 2004

One without a name

Broken wings (Rose icon)

Rose. Just a little thing I'm going to use on my GJ that y'all can use too. It's a transparent icon, so it looks the best on a black or a white background, though I did test other colors and it's not bad.

Gonna snag? Just comment. I don't stress over crediting or not.
the curious incident
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Sorry for spamming y'all again with the fic. Feel free to yell at me. Gen, spoilers for episode 3; Ed- and Al-introspective. More of a series of drabbles than anything else.

Yesterday I was Young

Have a good day, carry on. *thumbs up*
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The Sins...

This post, will revolve around the sins. Bad timing, yes; oh well.

Envy, Lust, Greed, Gluttony wallpaper - 1024 x 768 / 800 x 600. Widescreen version (because there has to be someone out there as cluttered as me when it comes to desktops XD) - 1024 x 768 / 800 x 600.

Artificial - I spent two hours throwing together a layout (the seal/tattoo/thing-a-ma-bob taking up over half of that time) and the next day or two typing up content, scanning, screencapping, and the such. So thus, I am proud. My friend, who uses 1280 x 1024 screen resolution, says the menu hurts his eyes, so if you can't read it, just put your mouse over it and wait a second.. an alt tag should come up:)

I need more content, so feel free to contribute anything. XD

And... I made that Lust adoptable and fixed the Envy one while I was at it.

(rest here & here; please don't direct/hot link)

And not sins related, but I said I'd scan the spine of volume four for someone, so I did. Contains SPOILER (that you should know by now). And because I can, Roy crying.

Well, that is all.
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thursday additions

As always, cross-posted everywhere.

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KeruriYesterday I Was Young
WhiteCatFor Waiting Now
Majo – Untitled 2

More new writers coming soon, and new artists, once I get off my duff and answer email... ;D

- Sol

FMA AMV. Whee.

After many hours wasted gathering clips, cursing at the computer and other general mishaps, I present to you...

The Center Cannot Hold

General stats:

Song: Break Me Shake Me(Savage Garden)
Duration: 3:22
size: 69-70mbs

Spoilerish if you haven't seen up to ep. 22 or so. Random comments are with the notes. Hosted on If you can't get it and want to see it, AIM me or something and I'll send it through there(kuno no bokken).

Comments, Flames, Stolen Hotel Keys, and Scrabble Pieces, please.