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Luna Hoshino
... I checked the official FMA page, and I am quite happy to be able to announce that yes, the gorgeous song that plays in the background in ep 20 WILL be on the OST, as will TV-size versions of 'Melissa' and 'Kesenai Tsumi.' Complete info can be found here, but it is all in Japanese (sorry ^^;;).

WHEE! I can't wait~~

Also, ep 24 was very, VERY good. Scar rules. That is all I have to say. ^_^
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21 March 2004 @ 02:31 am
I was just wondering if anyone had screen caps from ep. 23? i can't remember seeing them around... so i was just wondering...
I was thinking to make an Angst!Al wallpaper...
21 March 2004 @ 12:02 pm
eh.....i went ahead of toriyama world and got the whole volume 4 in chinese through mIRC

can someone tell me somethin? i can't read >o<Collapse )
21 March 2004 @ 12:07 pm

hi! i just joined and i just love full metal alchmist. especially Ed. i found this wallpaper of him and fell in love with it. i thought someone else might like it too so i'm sharing it. here's the link. enjoy!


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21 March 2004 @ 03:59 pm
It's been a while since the last post ^_^'... It's so easy to get into lurker-mode...
But I am back with more art to spam your journals with...

Because Hughes and Ed really *WOULD* do something like this to RoyCollapse )

Hope you guys like it~
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21 March 2004 @ 06:48 pm
THE spoiler: I have a question about it...Collapse )

And the other question I have is this: WHERE CAN I BUY A CHEAP WIG?!? Cosplaying as Ed is hard... And I dun wanna pay 30 bucks for something I'll never use again... Does anyone know a store or a site I could find a cheap wig in the Washington DC-NYC area? *puppy dog eyes*
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Okay. You know those pictures you see sometimes, where the Naruto characters are dressed in street clothes; or Chrno and Rosette are geared up to go rollerblading; or insert-character-here is dressed for an entirely different world in general?

Yeah, well, I did something like that to Ed. ^^; Call it an Amano drawing.

Heavymetal Alchemist?Collapse )
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Hey thar
21 March 2004 @ 07:31 pm
This is hideous but I just cut out a wav of Edward Elric performing Henge no Jutsu ._. (in Ninja speak, that's roughly "Transforming Skill" for all you non-naruto fans)

It's a clip from the Naruto Nippon! Drama show, where Naruto and another character from the series will blather silly things. (I most vividly remember Kakashi doing a Oiroke no Jutsu aka. Sexy no Jutsu and gods it was DISTRUBING @O@;;;) The guest they had in this clip was Paku Romi, the voice actress for Temari who is also Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist. In the clip Temari goes "So then, I'm going to transform into Edward Elric now! HENGE!!" and then Edward blathers to Naruto something shounen XD;;;; Naruto laughs, then starts introducing the FMA drama show, complete with "datte ba yo!"


Probably only going to be amusing to followers of Naruto :O There's a lot of other weird stuff like Ed singing in other drama sessions (he sounds like a girl fuhuhuhu)
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angsty lemon uke
21 March 2004 @ 08:43 pm
I was shopping around Mitzuwa today with my friend and by chance, I bought a magazine that came with a clear paper-protector thing with FMA people on it.

Here's a page I set up with big, high quality, scans of about every single FMA-related tidbit I could find (I can't read Japanese so the articles I decided to scan might or might not be related. XD;)


Fanarts, comics, sheetmusic, articles, etc. Enjoy, mes amis. Just don't hotlink; it uses bandwidth. And uh...I'd really like it if you ask me if you'd like something for a site or something. Most likely, I'll give an ok. I just like to know where the images are going.

One request: Can anyone translate/summerize a few things on there? I'd really like to know what the heck they're talking about Thanks! ^_^

Razzy Spazzy
21 March 2004 @ 08:57 pm
Hiya! xD I have... nothing much to say for my first post in this community. Um. .... I LOVE ED AND AL AND HUGHES AND ARMSTRONG MUCHLY! O___O Kay. :D Now.. for random icons I made! WHEEE. Credit please?

Edit: Whoops, forgot the Roy one. >:D

Now for the less disturbing icons!Collapse )
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21 March 2004 @ 09:41 pm
ok... apparently FMA will be split in 2 series of 26 episodes instead of one series of 52 episodes. my bf said that after episode 26 there will be some sort of break until the next episode will be relased.

does anyone have any info to this? can anyone confirm??
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21 March 2004 @ 09:59 pm

Just got back from Anime Express 7 in Daytona, FL; we did some FMA cosplay on Friday (Ed, Winry, and Lust; and I was Ed again on Saturday).

There's a lot of photos that are FMA-related, so I'm just going to post a link to my site instead of listing all the individual ones here. ^^;

Anime Express 7 @ hikariblue:fusion

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21 March 2004 @ 10:04 pm
Not sure if this has been touched upon, but as I was wondering what the other sins were, I looked this up in my dad's Christian Evangelical Dictionary. For the entry of Sins, the Seven Deadly, I found this. Not sure if it's relevent, but I found it interesting:

At an early age...Collapse )

Hope that was helpful and interesting. ^^
21 March 2004 @ 10:54 pm
as a thank-you to whoever posted those scans from japanese mags a while back [can't remember who, or which comm it was in! ;.; gomen!] here's a nice wallpaper i dided for everyone.

stack!Collapse )
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Kalika Maxwell
21 March 2004 @ 11:59 pm
I just learned something through somebody who reads the chinese translations of FMA and I need to get confirmation that it's true. But, it's a *major* spoiler.

You've been warned....Collapse )
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