March 17th, 2004


Something that needs explaination..kinda

Just a thought:

In the episode that Barry is introduced (6?), Winry is shown brought in with her hands chained together and she stands by a table. Ed tries to get her free to no avail and you can clearly see that she's just a bit taller than him, meaning she's got her feet on the ground (plus, there's nothing else right next to them).

However, in a later scene, she's shown losing her balance on a smaller stool/endtable of some sort. Where did this object of elevation come from? =/

Yes, I need sleep.
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Unofficially - Hawkeye/Winry

A short Hawkeye/Winry drabble. Why? Because I'm strange like that.

Ok, so they met briefly in one episode, but when a plot bunny starts eating my brain... Besides, the Hagaren fandom needs fem-slash. everyone needs fem-slash. It makes the world a better place.

Actually, is there any other fem-slash for Hagaren out there, or do I get to claim the prize for first piece (in English anyway).

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two artists, four new authors

This Public Service Announcement has been crossposted to fm_alchemist, alchemical_aid,
fma_fiction, fma_het, and fmalchemist. Wah. Once again, if you want to get updates,
there's a mailing list now, at yahoogroups.

First, more art from two of the site's artists:

Chira – fanart
Moumusu – fanart

Remember what I was saying about needing more authors to balance out the growth of fanart on the site? Woo, I got my wish! Four new authors!

[The AUTHOR'S NAME will take you to the AUTHOR'S PAGE. If you are not familiar with the author's work, this is the only way to review the warnings, rating, and icons before reading. Do NOT blame me if you click on the title and it's not to your satisifaction. That's WHY the author-name-link exists.]

Andrea WeilingA Pefect Morning | The Path of an Array | This Stretch of Time
Gerald TarrantCemetary in Black and White | Jinkou | Jinkou: Redux | Sandwich Talk
HarukamiAppearances | Makin' Babies | Matchmaker
TinSpring Cleaning | Sick Leave

I'm halfway through uploading the artwork for Majo, and I'll probably have her stuff in by tomorrow's update. Well, assuming I can spend as much uninterrupted time on the computer as I got to, this morning. ;D
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(no subject)

Some people have been emailing me about how they can't see the pictures because the Yahoo group has exceeded its download limit.
My school server just got hacked into so I don't have any more webspace and can't put the pictures up anywhere else.
If anyone is willing to host the pictures somewhere else, that would be great. Otherwise, just email me for the pictures or try the Yahoo group another time.
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Sketch o' the day~

I've been bad. I've not been keeping up very well on my drawing. But, jobs kind of suck like that sometimes. *grumble* Anyway...

Roy. Moody, in snow. Did this in the layer-less version of Painter Classic .. which I haven't played around with in a while, so this was pretty fun. Blending watercolors and airbrushing, weee~ Anyway, I like how it turned out. Soft, simple, nice.
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Tangled. "Cast Iron"


I'm making layouts for my own LJ, a community, and possibly a website, so I was wondering: Where is a good place to find screencaps, most particularly of the ones with Winry in them, and most particularly 23?

fanart: tattooed

Drew this during class today.
Colored in photoshop; attempting a violet/sienna mix on the skin-tone (hey, it works with watercolors, why not in photoshop...)

... I know I'm not the first person to draw Ed tattooed with his crest, but they were talking about tattoos in lecture today and I really couldn't just *not*, and ...

Well. Also, I've aged him a bit; put him maybe in his early 20's. ^^;

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Special Drama CD

i got my hands on the cd and ripped it
if someone is interested in it
it is avaible via edonkey and winmx
search for

full metal alchemist special drama cd

or i can send it via streamload

because i can't read japanese
the tracks are not named
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(no subject)

I was in an artsy mood lately, so I drew Ed!

This is my first attempt at him, and even though I know there are a bunch of things that could be fixed, I think it turned out reasonably well. ^_^

I also have a finished sketch of young Scar that I need to get around to coloring and posting at some point...
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Hagaren trading cards part I

I don't know if someone's posted about this before, but here's a little scoop for you all^^
Yays for the Hagaren trading cards!!! You might have seen from the preview in episode 23 how the booster packs look like, I've managed to get meself a pack (going back to get one more tomorrow *Squees*), and I have extra information on it:

All in all, there are 81 cards of part I, which are of episodes 1-13.
9 special shiny cards
9 illustration cards
9 first opening cards
9 first ending cards
18 character cards
27 story cards

There are 10 cards in each booster pack, and on average you get one special card in every two packs^^

Here are the cards I got!
2 OP cards
2 ED cards
3 story cards
1 special (no. 7)
Winry and Roy character cards

Wheee! When I have time I'll scan the special cards XD Since they have pictures that you can't find anywhere else *ish very much in love now*
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Hi hi--newbie/semi-lurker here. gonna drop you some tidbits of a story i'm wracking out. Do hope you enjoy!

This is currently untitled, also shonen-ai slashy stuff. (roy/ed). Rated r-ish for darker themes and some angst...but oh, so sweet. Enjoy!

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FMA artbook orders

I'm sorry to have to do this again but I cannot take any more orders for the artbook. To those people who confirmed their orders, no worries. You are on the list. If you are still worried about whether you get a copy or not, email me at

If you still want the artbook and can't order it from me, you can get it for about the same price at
Need help with Japanese? Email me at

Thanks to all who are hosting the artbook scans!