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15 March 2004 @ 12:46 am
Ah, I come bearing peculiar fanart. No pairings, nuthin'. Just my oddity.

I really don't know why.Collapse )
pretty much the nostalgia chick
15 March 2004 @ 04:57 am
And now, ladies and gentlemen, for my next trick I give you: Hawkeye/Havoc! XD Originally a requestfic for beckymarie, and a crack pairing from Japan. >D

Hawkeye/Havoc, coffee, gentle angst.

( Coffee Break" ) - in which Hawkeye and Havoc discuss Hawkeye's talent for gunmanship over a little coffee.

crossposted everywhere. >D
15 March 2004 @ 11:49 am
I'm sorry for this silly question...
But... FMA author (manga)...
Is he/she a man or a woman?
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15 March 2004 @ 01:58 pm
The search for the perfect man
Hawkeye drabble
suprise pairing

Wanted: Perfect Man
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15 March 2004 @ 02:57 pm
cross-posted to just about everybody...

new author, notes, and mini-rant about exclusivityCollapse )


Chira — fanart - 1 piece
VikkiCoffee Break
WhiteCatDon't Forget | Criminal/Offender | Bean

Two new artists added:
Hikari Blue — fanart - 23 pieces
Era-Chan — fanart - 19 pieces

Also added:
- adoption page for homeless plot bunnies and challenges
- new icon color to codes & colors page, to indicate M/F equivalent of shonen/shojo ai.
- update elist for anyone who wants updates mailed to them

Hm, I think that covers everything. Enjoy!
15 March 2004 @ 03:19 pm
hi.. um.. I'm in a bit of a rutt.. At school we are making an animation movie ( cutout) and i and some guys are making a spoof of FMA. we decided to draw the character based on an avatar generator thinge that was posted here a while ago... you know... see the link. http://www.livejournal.com/community/fm_alchemist/264338.html
but the site that has the generator is down!!! :(:( and we need three more heads!!
does anyone have the heads of Hughes, Lust and Hawkeye?
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15 March 2004 @ 03:24 pm
I was watching ep 23 raw, and as I don't understand Japanese, I tend to actually watch what's going on more.. and I noticed something. Since I don't think anyone else has posted about this, here we go~

Cut for spoiler-ish-ness-kindaCollapse )
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Someone had better build me a fanclubXD!!!
X-posted to FMA Het
These pics will be deleted in about two weeks, please take the chance to download them all^^These are hosted by PhotoBucket, my domain is down for some reason, and that's why Ambivalence isn't working...so these might be a bit small...
If you want a bigger version of a particular picture, feel free to contact me for 'shipping' detailsXD. (halcyon_clouds@hotmail.com)
here be scansXDCollapse )
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15 March 2004 @ 08:41 pm
MORE ICONS FOR ALL! All from ep 23. No animations, as I have no prgram for it...nor do I care.

[x] Comments are nice! :D
[x] Credit NOT NECESSARY. I could care less if someone theived my pixels. <3 More honored that someone would use them. But if you'd like to credit, that's good too!

x 3 fancy-ish icons
x 8 humour-ish, unfancyicons
x 3 of those humour are Roy/Hughes. >:o

And yeah, Im a Roy/Hughes fan, along with Al/Winry. Even though Al/Tinman is love.

Get the hell off the phone, Hughes.Collapse )

The last three slashy ones are off a joke about Hughes phoning Roy for phone sex...whoo.

Leave a comment if I somehow offended you with this post! -peace!-
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15 March 2004 @ 09:33 pm
In the newest GANGAN is a special drama cd as a gift.
Does anybody knew more about this?
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15 March 2004 @ 11:10 pm
If you got an email about the artbook asking you to confirm your info, please answer it. If you paid and I have your artbook, I won't send it out unless you confirm because I don't want it getting lost in the mail. If you ordered it from me for this new batch order, if you don't confirm, I won't order a copy for you (it's my cash backing your order with amazon).

As an added incentive, I've put up some teaser scans here:

I don't know how Yahoo groups work so you might have to join but I made the group open to all (sorry about that though).
I'll be putting up a couple more so check back later for a few more pictures.

So please claim your artbooks! I have 10 lonely FMA artbooks sitting in my room waiting to be sent out.
Thanks to all!
Last chance to order the artbook!