March 13th, 2004

Shin, Eyeshield 21

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Somebody just informed me of another site where you can get the FMA artbook for about $20 (about $1 less than what I was offering!) with shipping and handling included.
So if anybody is uncomfortable ordering with me, wants to save $1, etc. you can get the book here.
Just trying to spread the pretty pictures.
One without a name

And Return to Nothing, chapter 5

Author's notes: Starting with this chapter, there will be two versions of this story. The first version can be found at , and it will show less sexual content and disturbing behavior. The second version will be at . For the ff.n version of this chapter, I will be toning down Ed's awareness of the pedophiles around him.

( And Return to Nothing, chapter 5 )
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fanart, fanart, fanart, and stories...

More updates. Wah. I'm making a wishlist of authors I wish would write me back...some really amazing fanfiction out there already, but I suspect the folks on must be thinking, hey, what's wrong with this archive? Well, you'll get buried in crap as FMA grows in popularity, for starters.

Oh, well. If you've read a story that you really like, and it's not in the archives, write me and tell me about it, and how I can get in touch with the author, and where I can find the story. Then also write the author and let him/her know that you've nominated him/her for the archives - that way, my invite doesn't catch 'em completely unawares.

In the meantime, more to read and look at. New stories from Emily and Vikki, a new picture from Chira, and added two new artists.

Emily Ravenwood — After Arc: The Rain
Moumusu — fanart
Chira — fanart
Veatariel — fanart
Created new banners for site.

15_ shaun erick and armani w/ signs


I made one FMA icon today after watching FMA ep 23 raw. Poor Al :( Ah well, at least the subtitle-less-ness inspired me to make an icon from the opening :P

- comment if taking
- credit evilnekohilda or uke_icons in keywords
- love

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The April issue of Animage has a FMA article that lists a character called Izumi this one of those charas that has shown up in manga but not anime? Can't read the kanji but it does have the name written in English next to the chara's pic. Downloaded the issue from here:


I said I'd make icons, and here they be! If you want to use them, that's great, just write somewhere where you got them from, or at least tell someone if they ask. If you just wanna save them so you can look at them, that's fine, too. And if you don't think they're that great...well, I tried.^^
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I was wondering if anyone had a clear image of the Flame Alchemist symbol on Roy's oh-so-sexy glove... :o That's all. -slinks out-
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the curious incident
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FMA fic

Yet more spam! I feel the world always needs more formulaic quasi-angsty FMA fic. Ed/Al interaction, slight Al+Winry. Pretty much gen, no warnings. Takes place sometime in the misty AU future.

Perfect Circle