March 10th, 2004

what you always (never) wanted to know about ROY + special bonus: anime's future

agnes: Wahaa, euroteasisters prepared another awesome gift for you XD

piyo: It's doujinshi pages showing Roy some of his everyday-life situations XD

agnes:, daydreaming, daily puking, and molesting his workers...

piyo: Drooling,.. XDD ..and imagining himself as pimp

agnes: Jealous about Greed, eh XD. And for puking, there's only one logical explanation...he probably suffers from bulimia.

piyo: Aww poor Roy darling.. but for him this seems to be the only way to finally loose some weight and get more popular.. so that he doesn't have to only IMAGINE things like that or molest his workers anymore. I bet they would be happy too if he'd finally stop.

agnes: Yeah, and he has to be quite light to have some joy from his favorite entertainment...getting smashed <3. But on to the content, here you have the supreme doujin scans from one of the best Japanese fma artists <3 <3:

Roy's sickness
Roy's weakness
Roy's dream

To get rest of the scans, please contact us for bank account number where you can send the money. Holy seme worshippers in rank of high priest get porn fma for free.

piyo: ...and while we're at it, we'd also like to introduce you to the anime's future
(sponsored by the european union *yes we have too much money*)

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more, more, more...angst.

Yup, several of these stories are quite heavy on the get-a-box-of-tissues. Keruri may not put herself up there, but she's there already, and she can sling with the best of them when it comes to wringing your heart. Also added Coyote's two newest, and a ficlet from WhiteCat.

Sleeps with Coyotes - Disarmed | Contact
WhiteCat - Dreaming
Keruri - Candle Light | I Hear the Thunder of a Distant Storm | Make Gold of This | Phoenix

I still have to add Chira's two newest pieces, but I may put that off until tomorrow. Gotta get back to writing, and cleaning house...

One way of getting sparkles...

I got my friend Silas to start watching FMA recently, and he's through episode 19 or 20, and decided Armstrong is his favorite character. Now he's also an amazing artist, and when he showed me his own rendition of Armstrong, I begged permission to post it here.

So here's Silas's Collapse )
Shin, Eyeshield 21


For everyone who ordered or who plans to order for the FMA artbook, here is where I try to cover my @$$.
This is a not-for-profit venture. I am not a business. When amazon gives me the books, it's my job to check that there are no defects. If I am satisfied with the condition of the book (don't worry, I'm picky), I then wrap it in bubble wrap, stick it in a big envelope and mail it to you via media mail. I cannot be responsible for things that happen while the item gets shipped to you. If you are worried about that, add $1.30 for insurance.
If you don't like the book, you can't ask for refunds or exchanges because I have nothing to give you >.>;;
So anybody who ordered who has a problem with that (even if you got on the first list) speak now or forever hold your peace, before I order the second shipment.

On a lighter note, here's the colored version of Ed fanart ^_^
fy nuriko thinking


New member here. ^_~
I was tempte to post a quick rant along the lines of "OMG!! I <3 FMA soooo muchly! Teehee, OMG! It's soooo kyoot!!11!1!!!1!!!111!"

But I won't subject you to that...mostly because I don't want to get shot and/or banned.
So how much does everyone love FMA? A lot, I hope. Finally torrented the newest episode, about to watch yeah. Glad to meet up with y'all, found my way here through <lj user="lone_kitty_kat". Thanks! So I guess I'll see you around. Great fanart by the way, from what I've seen, and whoever did that female costume of Ed--kickass, man. Kickass.
One without a name

Hand. Ow. And, uh, Hawkeye art

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Hawkeye has a very simple rule for me drawing her. I can, but after this picture, I am not allowed to pick up the Wild Arms 3 or Final Fantasy X-2 Instruction Manuels when I'm feeling artisically inspired.

I think my drool had something to do with it.
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I don't know how many of you remember this, but about a month ago I promised fics...but I never realized how hard it would be for me to write FMA fics! I've been wracking my brain for stuff to write about, but it's too hard! I'm sorry! So I am now going to offer something else: icons. I will make icons and probably post them this weekend, hopefully sooner, it'll depend on my workload. And unlike fics, when I promise icons, they do get finished. So...anyone have anything in particular they'd like to see on an icon?
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