March 9th, 2004

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The FMA artbooks came today!!!!
They are soooooo nice! It's so nice that I can't deprive anyone of this book so I'm taking orders again. Price should still be $21 if there are enough people who order. I really am making no money out of this so I'm sorry but $21 really is the cheapest I can offer it. ;_;

Also, please order only if you are serious about paying for it because I am the one backing up your order with my money.

Email me at with this info if interested:

LJ username:
method of payment (PayPal-no credit/debit cards, money order, personal check, cash):
mailing address:
Ed Bean Army

Cosplay suggestions for Al

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Ok, I KNOW it's crazy to even think about it and I'm not sure I'll go through with it, but I am really really taken with the idea of cosplaying as Al. Has anyone else done Al or similar costumes with large amounts of armor? Any suggestions or tips?

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All in all, it's a HUGE undertaking, but one I'm going to at least investigate further. Plus I'd get to carry around a KITTEN!!!!

A lot of this discussion might also apply to figuring out ways of making Ed's arm, althought the solution to that is likely to be different, since the scale is much smaller, and the pieces more intricate.

Iconage from teh lurker!

Granted, there's only five..and I couldn't hold a candle so most of the icon'ers here. *_* They have more skill then I do. XD But, Some are screen cap'd, some are from the manga. You may twap me if it's off topic.

I will be adding more. XD I'll just figure out a way to letcha'll know without going too over off topic. o_o

Aheh..I'm rewatching the current eps to find images that'd make a good icon.
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... my Ed plushie. ^^;;

The last post on here just reminded me ...
Since I recently replaced the battery on my digital camera, I'm finally able to take pictures of the Ed plushie that I made - goodness - months ago. It doesn't really look that much like him, but it's just the second plushie I've ever made (the first being Claus from Last Exile for a friend of mine).

So, um.... yeah. ^///^;;

The last one's naked-plushie, basically to show the attachment of the silver vinyl 'automail' pieces.

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Yeah. Been apart of the comm for awhile, just never had anything interesting to post. So uhm, hi. I love Al and Greed. And Hughes! 8D

I was making an icon of this for myself, except I usually place my username on it.

So, if anyone wants this...take it. Credit aint needed. D:

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I should start making icons again. Wee.
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Envy me greatly!! Or at least the people who don't own it YET.

I've finally been able to get my hands on the FMA PS2 Game OST due to my habit of having a shopping binge once a month. So, what I would like to say is...does anyone want to request any tracks? I'd be happy to help ^_^

And oh, I've 'translated' READY STEADY GO. Since I'm know only very limited Japanese I decided to be cheap and get help from a Chinese version of it (XP comes with the Hong Kong version of the single). Might sound a bit weird since I don't want to completely go along with the fansub translations...

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Haha, got the artbook from that trip too, a fruitful journey, I must sayXD
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(no subject)

If there's one thing I really like about traditional media, it's that you can give away your work...
Anyway, I just finished the colored version (but am too lazy to go into the cold just for a scanner) of

So if you're ordering the FMA artbook and want the picture, just send me a message and I'll send it with your artbook (it's colored pencils on pencil).
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I love FMA!! FMA collecting for Dummies :D

I'm not calling anybody a dummy! I just like the title concept :D

mii_chan had a question about FMA-- It just happened I finished writing a rhetorical entry to myself about the whole subject ^^;; and I was writing about my amazement and awe with the series, just more in depth- that's all. is the place to find rare/unusual shitajiki for FMA as it comes in, Retail is the place for the magazines, limited edition specials, manga, calendars, etc. is the place to get the 2 boards. The site is in the middle of re-construction after its server crashed. is the US place for the rare clearfile and letter sheet set, and 2 shitajiki- maybe some other things I haven't seen yet. Seems to not be open though ;_;

Ebay is usually the hotspot for doujinshi and cosplaying items. And bootleg episodes if you can't afford the space on your computer and want someone else to do the work for you ^_^;;

AnimeConfetti also has a board for FMA or so. They're like animate-usa, but less extensive and less expensive (Based in Signapore)

If you're REALLY itching for specific things- try your luck asking ebay sellers directly if they can put it up on auction for you. So long as the seller knows there's a potential sale to be made- they'll most likely work with you.
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page updated, 'scuze my crossposting...

Haha, I didn't feel sleepy, so I decided to half-assedly edit and prettify and upload. So the new stories are up at my site, FMA page here:

AND!!! You'll see it at the bottom of that page, but I wanted to squee here anyway. luco_millian sent me gift art! YAY!!! This is me feeling luved and stuff. Check it out, it's totally cool.

EDIT: Art page fixed, yay! *thumps own head, hard*