March 8th, 2004

colors of the rain [do not take]

I'm new.. Well, sort of ^^;

'Tis is my first time posting here. I've been lurking around here for quite a while and I decided to post here since I finally have something to contribute. It may not be all that pretty unlike the uber-pretty icons made by nifty icon makers out there. But still, enjoy. There are two icons that can be used as icon bases, feel free to use them as long as you comment and credit.

Icon Count: 14
x2 - Hughes
x12 - Roy

Remember comment and credit _metamorphic or akutsu in keywords.

(Click here for more FMA and other anime iconage)

Visit _metamorphic for more icons! <3
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tomorrow never knows
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(no subject)

I'm sorry but ep22.. *__*

I will be posting icons tomorrow.. so I'm just giving a heads up!

While I'm wasting posting space.. anyone have any opinions on this one?
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Almost off-topic...

...but not! XD After looking up automail on google, I found this. ...For those who don't understand my amusement, take a look at the publisher. God, I'm easily amused.
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One without a name

And Return to Nothing chapter 4

I almost finished this last night, but stuff happened. So I finished it in these hours I have between Sociology and Anatomy lab.

This chapter didn't want to be written easily, so it might suck a bit. I hope it doesn't.

( And Return to Nothing-chapter 4 )

[Edit] If you've been on, you'll see that I've been posting chapters up there with a considerable lag. Understand that once Ed starts working, I will be censoring the versions greatly. Not only because of sexual content, but there will most likely because of graphic visual of the Nina tragedy as well as disturbing sexual behavior. Because of that, the version this community will get, thus the version that will be up on my Greatestjournal, will be uncensored. I will be certain to warn you in the post of what kind of content will be in it, but if you still want to read the story without the content being graphic, you can read it up at

monday updates - plus more fanart!

Updated several writers, and added a new artist.

Vikki - Secret of the Soul | Therapy
Meg - Change the World
Shi Lin - Temper
Chira - fan art
Spinny Roses - And Return to Nothing, ch 4

Chira and Ruby are both some pretty amazing artists. Ruby's use of color makes me all warm and fuzzy, being so respectful and reminiscent of the original anime/manga style. In contrast, Chira's style of sketchy is light and airy, but deft, adding a gracious touch. Chira also tackles Winly, which is a wonderful thing. The world needs more mechanic geeks!

Still waiting to hear back from some of the other writers I've found, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll drop me a line and say yes. It's really rather amazing, compared to some other fandoms, that this fandom has managed to cultivate a number of talented and promising writers so early on. I'll probably start a recs page tomorrow for on-site stories, if anyone wants to know more about a story before they tackle it.

Still have to do the links pages up the rest of the way, but that's not nearly as pressing, I think.

_tsumetai - waiting in the Air

Please don't kill me.

I realize people have been getting annoyed with spam latley so PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!

I was just about ready to make some more photoshop hotmail thingy's. However, there are so many characters I wanted to ask you who you would like to see done?

Just list your top two choices.

If my teachers feel nice and stop the hw flow, It will be up tomorrow.

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Very mad world


Shamelessly plugging fanart. ^^; -->Chibi-ish Ed and SD Al. Please comment if you have time~ :D. Ed needs to cheer up. ^^; He's been angsting a lot recently. (Episode 21/22)

Anyways...since I'm plugging my DA, anybody else have a DA account? *wants to stalk FMA artists XDXD*
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sometimes you eat the bunny...
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fic link: contact: roy/ed: SLASH: NC-17

And look...MORE smut...

Just out of the pure evilness of my heart, I bring you more drugged (on my part) Roy/Ed. Which means m/m sex, aka slash, and of the Desk-san--uh, I mean NC-17--variety.

Desk-san, oh Desk-san. And Chair-san, because I'm an equal-opportunity smutter.

Summary: Ed helps Roy with an investigation. Stuff happens.

Hope you enjoy!


I got my artbook and TV fanguide today! <3 <3 <3
Anyone else have theirs yet? Or is it just a fluke that I got mine less than a week after the thing shipped from Japan? ("estimated delivery = 3/30-4/06; I ordered sepperatly from the mass-order from a while back.)


The catchphrase on the Amazon box doesn't make sense: "and you're done". Done with what..? =/
Pinch my . . . ?


Just noticed something -- on the official site, it says "New OP/ED" as an up-date, and lists:

Motherland -- Crystal Kay

Anyone ever heard of these bands before? ^^ I'll miss the current OP/ED . . . then again, I said that about the previous songs, and ended up loving the new ones. Huzzah for awesome FMA music! XD
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