March 4th, 2004

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function delurk;

heya :) erm.. been hijacked by FMA recently, which has resulted in some fartarty fanarty spam. apologies if I have already spammed you with this elsewhere ^^;

image1 := roy;
image2 := ed;
// (links to dA, will pop-up)

// function delurk
Tangled. "Cast Iron"

Second contribution here.

The other one being the Ready Steady Go recording.

This time, I have fanart! Rated G, Edo, Winry, Edo + Winry, all nice and grown up. They're really quick sketches and I haven't had time to touch them up... Maybe one day I'll ink and CG 'em. I didn't have any reference pics so the accuracy (especially for the armor and hair) will be off...

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Reaching for the Sky :: painting

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I've been working on this for nearly a month. And I still need to go back and add more highlights and fade out the hole-things. BAH.

It's Edward's hand from the first opening of Fullmetal Alchemist.

The HAND - deviantart.

I tried to adjust the contrast and color balance in Photoshop after snapping a picture of it but it didn't turn out too well. It looks better in real life. =/

Closer hand
from an angle; i think it looks better like this.

Done in acrylics on illustration board (14x20-ish). Buh. I hope this makes up for all my crappy doodles.
Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

Soundtrack Update!

I don't know if this has been posted here yet, and if it has been, many apologies.

I was browsing the official japanese website, and i found under the "DVD and CD" section a page about the first Hagaren soundtrack!
2004年3月24日 発売
定価:¥3,150(税抜価格¥3,000) 品番:SVWC-7191

For those of you who don't have l337 japanese skillz like me (ok, so I don't have l337 japanese skillz, but I do know the basics), to summarize that, basically it's coming out 03-24-2004, at a price of 3,150 yen (that's roughly 29-30 dollars), and it gives the title and... stuff. The second OST listed is the game OST, which is, as we know, already out.

and if that japanese doesn't show up, my bad.
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Pink muppet thingy

Please help out a poor soul

Could someone please seed the FMA episode 00 Raw BitTorrent? I'm 57% through, and I'd like the rest. ^^;

ETA: I finished it! I <3 you people. I'll get on tonight around 5 PM EST and start seeding it, myself.

*hugs everyone and showers them with luff*
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se-mine, serious

I made more..

Wow, the response for the icons was so great that I've made 15 more for you. ^_^ I'm really glad everyone enjoyed the icons, that's what they're there for. ^^

Thanks so much for all your feedback, it feeds the icon muse! XD

1.) 2.) 3.)

Get the rest here. =)
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