March 3rd, 2004

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In recent light of episode 21.. (and my newest obsession)

Does anyone have ANY form of screenshots on Greed and/or manga images? I'm dying to get more pictures of this guy. :\ I'm loving his character design.

Anything is really appreciated and thank you in advance!
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Star Trek - Bones and Jim - Contentment

No clue if anyone else has posted on this...

For those who like L-arc's "Ready Steady Go"...

their new single has three more versions of the song, rather....amusing versions. ^^;

It's the other band members doing karaoke of the song. >_> I'm still laughing my arse off. :P'Arc~en~Ciel_-_%5bMaxi_Single%5d_Hitomi_no_Jyuunin_(nihon-tv).rar.torrent

It's also listed at ^^

Have fun!
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Ed's too cool for you

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Straight from the front page: Rumor: Adding fuel to the fire (11:16 AM EST): After mentioning the Full Metal Alchemist domain named being owned by FUNimation the other day (something that may or may not mean anything as we've said previously), some ambitious readers have done a bit more poking around publicly available tools. FUNimation also seems to have rights to, but that one is curious in that they're listed as the administrative side of it while the technical side is based out of Sapporo, Japan. This record was created on 02/19/2004, which sets it apart from the controversy that raged last year about who said what about One Piece.

FUNimation also appears to have some hope for Kodomo no Omacha as the registered back in August of 2003 as well, just three days prior to creating the Full Metal Alchemist record.

Again, this is all rumors and does not indicate an actual license, but is part of the fun of the hunt that many of those who wonder about licensing enjoy pursuing.

Omoshiroii, neh?

An Offering

I've spent quite some time enjoying all the fanart, fics and icons this community has provided and just wanted to offer some fanart in return...

I'm new to Live hopefully this posts properly and I don't end up annoying anyone ^^;;;

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*runs off*
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Shin, Eyeshield 21

FMA artbook update

The people said that they'd ship the items in the next couple of days. The estimated time of arrival for the package to get to me is 3/10 - 3/16. So for the people who haven't paid yet, you have a bit of time to get the money to me if you want your artbook right when I receive the package.

penguin! + valdezicons

anime mags

I have a question about Japanese magazines and their Hagaren content. :3
Now, on the official Hagaren website, it has little pictures of all the art that's appeared in the magazines. I'm in love with this one (the sakura picture with Ed, Al, and Roy) and I want to know if it's an actual poster or an illustration in the magazine with text on it (i.e., can't put up on my wall to drool at unless I rip it out). I found a copy of the issue in stock, and I want to find out before I buy my stack of magazines for the month.
Much lurf to anyone who can answer this!