February 28th, 2004

Snowdrop and Aster bickering

FMA Ep. 0 info...

Hey all, I haven't checked the community the last week, and took quite some time to get through the messages. ^^

A while back...several weeks back, I sent veatariel FMA Episode 0. I traded it from a Japanese user on WinMX last month. Since veatariel's reached her hosting limit on Streamload and not everybody uses Streamload, I've decided to release info on it so those of you with access to WinMX can d/l it. (And hopefully some of you fluent in Japanese can translate it!! ^^)

If you're doing a search, the full name is:
鋼の錬金術師 第00話 徹底解明 ~賢者の石を求めて~
Hagane no Renkinjutsuhi Dai 00 Wa, Tetteikamei ~Kenja no Ishi wo Motomeru~
The title translates to something roughly along the lines of:
A Complete Clarification/Elucidation: Obtaining the Philosopher's Stone

And yes, it does have interviews with various people associated with producing the anime, screen caps from the first episode primarily, the opening, the ending, and a live performance with Paku Romi and cast. ^^

Just thought I'd like to share this info for those still interested in getting it.
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Full Metal Alchemist artbook

So sorry to the people in other communities who got a post similar to this.

The Full Metal Alchemist artbook is out. It's a full color artbook with 96 pages featuring the work of Arakawa Hiromu who is FMA's mangaka.

I'm buying stuff from amazon.co.jp so I'm taking orders for this artbook or anything else on amazon.co.jp to lower my international shipping costs.

If anyone wants this artbook, the grand total for people in the U.S. will be (all shipping and handling included) $21. Insurance is an extra $1.30. I am not making any profit from this. I just want to lower my international shipping costs.

Look at it here:

*has a crazy theory on human transmutation*

Let's face it, you can't get around the human sacrifice. Even the Philosopher's Stone requires one. (If the Elric Bros would've used a live human in exchange for their mother's soul, the transmutation would've probably been successful....) If you want a human, you need to exchange it for another human.

What is the only place where this exchange can be bypassed?


See, a while ago, I read this Japanese FMA comic (for the life of me, I cannot remember WHERE I saw it). And in it, Alphonse was a kid of 5 years, and Ed was about 20. They had succeeded in transmuting Al's body, but the result had been a newborn baby (due to my nonexistant skill in kanji, I don't know if it was accidental or if they did it on purpose). Ed had then raised Al as his child (it seems Al had no memories of his previous life; he called Ed "Papa").

First, we'd need Al's DNA. This could be tricky, since they burned their house.... I'm thinking of the Rockbell's old comb that was once used for combing Al's hair, and has one single strand of his hair. All we need is a cell or two. Now, using alchemy, we transmute the tiny shard of his DNA into another cell; the cell that is formed when a sperm and an egg merge. Using alchemy, we make it split like it normally does in a mother's womb, only accelerated. We continue to do this until we have a newborn baby's body, ready to have Al's soul attached to it.

If this sounds drugged up, that's because I thought it through exactly five minutes after waking up, still lying in bed, with my brain only 3/4 functional. ^_^;;;
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Me in Korea

Need captions...

Okay, so I'm making myself some shirts, and would like some ideas for captions for these images:

Picture 1
Picture 2

No matter how odd or corny it sounds, tell me what you think the captions for these two images should be. These are going to be on shirts, but all references to yaoi, etc, are okay, so don't worry about censoring yourself. Thanks!
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Here I go again...

Have no utter idea what was I on...
But here's a fanart from me again! It was supposed to be a chibi Ed, but...something went wrong....
I seriously need to consider drawing more sexier men. Nooo!! Don't turn your heads away from me!! I can draw sexy Ed, I CAN! *In a failure of an attempt to sound convincing*
Anyhow, here ya go.
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(no subject)

Eee! teracia and I are planning to make a Fanlisting/Memorial for Nina Tucker. The soon-to-be website's url is: http://nina.konohagakure.net

I was wondering since there are so many awesome artists/fanwriters here if anyone can contribute to the site? *sniffs and begs* Oh! Anything else like icons.. or whatever you can think of will be awesome too! o_o! We'll give lots of credit, just send stuff over to me via email with websites/emails/contact/etc.

Also, any good ideas for what we should put on the site would be appricated. <3!
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endless sky


Caused by a bad mental image that I had to share. Now everyone shall suffer. May I present to you the Teaset Icons

1. song 2. sugarcup 3. teapot

Poor Ed he's injured and Armstrong decided to entertain him.
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