February 27th, 2004

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Hi everyone...

I love how this comm is so active and chipper. So I thought I'd pitch in my happy chipperness and introduce myself. And it seems I can't do an intro without a gift, so I present you all with a little fanart of Collapse ).

I definitely look forward to all the fun stuff this comm has to offer. Hope you guys like it ^_^

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Anyone know where i can get some good pics of scar, as I'm cosplaying him and hardly any of my friends know who he is @_@.

All i need is to make that yellow jacket ^_^, I'm planing to put some masking tape in the form of the scar on my face then put some fake tan on, then all i have to do is remove the tape and it should look right \o/
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Okay, so it's been done...I think...

Well, I've tried a few things, but finally here I am, making a nice little post on the community...

Basically, I want an Edward Elric costume and I don't want to make it. I want to pay someone else to make it so I don't have to worry. Tax returns are lovely for cosplay. I'm already working on a costume that's killing me and can't afford the time and effort of making this one, and to tell the truth, I haven't felt like sewing. I hope I can find someone who won't charge too much, but will make a nice costume for me.A while back I thought i had found someone on here, and then the pages vanished in the days I was absent from the community. Activeness is nice, but it does make things easy to miss -.-'. Thank you to anyone who is willing to help.

Oh, and about the money, Cospa.com has it for about US$340, and I think that's ridiculous, so please don't ask scary amounts. What I want exactly is his shirt and cape and any good ideas on how to make the arm. It shouldn't be too hard to do, nor too expensive.

Please tell me if you can help me!
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I was going to wait 'till tomorrow...today...whatever to post this, but Windows Movie Maker is being evil and I'm bored, so hah. Curses, I think it froze again.

XD I'm so proud of myself! I finally made a wallpaper that looks good! Granted, there're still a lot of mistakes, but oh well. I hope the text-ness doesn't mess with anyone's desktop too much (*is a whore and uses XP's start-thingie*). I can make orange depressing! Well, more than it already was..I guess...

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Now to get back to the school project of DOOOOOM...T-T
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And since this is a seperate topic, it deserves a seperate post. I play RO, aka Ragnarok Online, an online multiplayer roleplaying game. It will soon implement the character class "Alchemist". One type of Alchemist you can be is a Homunculous Alchemist. I kid you not. And of course, all of this is wonderful, but the important thing is that I started a character made specifically for the purpose of turning her into an Alchemist. You may notice she looks like a certain character from a certain show we all know and love ^.~

And yes, that text under her is in fact her name...I got to it first! Yay!
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I'm very happy right now.
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Hmmm...actually going to happen or just me being weird?

So I was so ready to watch anime till I noticed the new Newtype magazine that was on my dresser.

Anyone wanna take a guess as to what was on the cover?

Hoho..yeah it's FullMetal Alchemist. <3

WHICH. Leads me to believe that Funimation or another company here might be picking it up soon.

Now I know I'm just assuming here but usually it's not in Newtype with a big article unless it's either a)already in the States or b)coming sometime soon to the States. I've noticed that with a lot of the big articles they do in which they summerize characters and plot and such, it usually means that something besides it being popular in Japan made them do an article on it.

Of course this is just me noticing trends like this so please feel free to disagree with me. I know this has been a recent debate going on but I just wanted to put this out there and see what you guys thought of it. ^^

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