February 24th, 2004


Hooray for posting when everyone is asleep. XD

'Lo, all! I bring my usual artage. But!

This is a combo effort! I drew the lineart, and starlightstorm colored it. ^_^ I can't color for beans, but this picture reeeally needed something special, and she delivered. ^_^

Behold, restored!Al and Winry walking together. Warning: Arm yourself with a toothbrush, because this is shameless cute. <3

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Random In Class Ed Drawings


I don't know why I decided to post these, but here they are. I always draw during class (my note books are full of random scribbles) and lately I've been drawing Ed a lot. These can't even compare to the wonderful fan art here, but I thought I'd post anyway...maybe you can get a good laugh out of them. XD And without further ado...

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Whenever I watch something, I like to try and guess elements of the ending. I especially love trying to guess Who's Going To Die, since I firmly believe that the best endings involve a hero dying. So, the following is my theory of Who's Going To Die at the end of FMA. (If anyone has knowledge of the future of the series and knows the answer, DON'T tell me! It's more fun this way!) That is, if there's an ending. I hope it doesn't turn into one of those neverending Inuyasha type things.

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No more no more! STOP THE E-MAIL!!

Looks like another good friend of ours has hotmail...

However there is a downside to this post. I cannot host anymore of these. My image hoster has reached its limit. I did try some of the others but photobucket.com resized my image so badly it wasn't readable and I couldn't even find where to register at webpost.net.

Right now vitani92 is hosting this one but unless I find an alternitive I can't continue.

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No, I really don't ever stop drawing.

Because dotskeith asked for it...

You didn't specify *which* of the girls you wanted, so you got Hawkeye, because she's cool. Not that the other girls aren't, but ... well, Hawkeye has a gun, and that's sexy.
The drawing might be a little rushed, probably...
As usual, colored in photoshop.

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... It's not that I have too much time on my hands, it's that I procrastinate far too much.

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Meh, I'm in desperate need of more FMA Roy x Ed fanfiction. I think I've reread every story posted here about two times at least. I was wondering if any of you wonderful writers here would want to write another story! Lol...I'm sure you all are already busy, but I thought it was worth a try. And here's a few ideas I've had:

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Sorry if this is spam or something! let me know if it is! ^_^;;
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