February 22nd, 2004

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interestin news

I found some interesting news today. My apologize if this has been posted before.

www.ncsx.com had following to announce:
02-10-04 Full Metal Alchemist Merchandising
Bandai and Square Enix have announced a new collection of products based on the recent Full Metal Alchemist game and animation. While the fanbase for the fledgling franchise may be somewhat spotty, the two conglomerates are forging ahead with merchandising anyways. The two metal plate keyring/straps are expected to come in at approximately US$30 while the card carrying case should be about $39. The capsule toys appear in-line with other gashapon at approximately US$16 for a full set of six. Preorders are welcome on the main site.

pictures are up at the site(down bottom) and they ship (almost) all over the world ^_^
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FMA... Adult Swim? O.O

(Cross posted to fma_het) ^^;

There has been a lot of discussion on various communities and boards about FMA sometime making it's way onto Cartoon Network's Adult Swim once it's picked up for release over here. I think a lot of this is because it's often compared to "Trigun," and that was shown here. A lot of fans really do believe it will be picked up, and I admit that it's popularity and shounen elements make it a prime candidate for AS. (As far as a general dub- I'm hoping it's either Bandai or Pioneer that picks it up.)

My first impression was "there is absolutely no way they'll air it." At the time though I blamed that on the fact that I mourn for any series that makes it's way onto Adult Swim. The fandom turns to hell. *sobs for the "Inuyasha" fandom.* This isn't an anti dub thing, as I do love many dubs.

However, upon thinking on it more I realized that I don't think there is really any way this show could be properly catered to the Adult Swim audience.
Sure "Trigun" and "Cowboy Bebop" had violence, death, and quite a few thought provoking ideas... but in FMA those "thought provoking ideas" are ones I can't see Cartoon Network taking the risk with. It isn't the gore, or the violence at all- it's the structure of the series and the themes behind it.
There's a lot of thought on "God" in the series, and from Ed's and Al's point of view it's fairly Anti-faith.
The one thing that really clenched it as "absolutely no freakin way can this be aired here" was the Nina and Alexander incident. It may not have been gory, but that was one of the most gut-wrenching and disturbing things I've ever seen. The point of course, was to show the horrible things that could be done with Alchemy to an extreme so the still young Ed and Al would truly be able to realize that, but I simply don't see how they could possibly air that over here. There has been nothing close to that on AS, and I don't believe there ever will be.
Some of the later things involving the Massacre at Ishbal as well as the secret behind how the Philosopher's stone was made are just too much for the AS audience.
And there is no way they could edit a lot of this, dubbing can do wonders in changing the intention of the series- but in the case of Nina, the only thing they could do is hack the episode completely. There is simply no way to get around it. This series isn't letting up on the intensity as it goes on, and if anything it's getting even worse. (That's a good thing to me though!) Some of the themes being dealt with are contraversial and even somewhat taboo, and I just don't think it has a chance of airing over here.

Any thoughts? Agreements, disagreements?
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Random Observation!

In Episode 7, when Ed is writing his letter to Winry, I noticed he was left-handed.

Yeah. Big deal for me since I'm also a lefty and you know how uncommon it is to see anime people writing with their left-hand since Asian culture makes it clear that people should be taught to write/eat right-handed. Yeah. I get excited by things like this.
ME3: Savanna 02


Sunday, February 22, 2004

Over the past few days, we have been receiving a very large sustained ongoing DDoS attack against all of the servers on our IRC network. While we have made efforts to filter the attack, the person behind it has been very persistent and we have been forced to block all traffic to the servers at times to filter it. Unfortunately, the end result has been an unusable network and the loss of our secondary server.

Together with our main server provider, we have decided to close down what's left of the IRC network. We don't know for how long the attack will continue, and it has, at times, affected other servers (and paying customers) on the networks where the IRC servers are hosted. Ultimately, we decided that it's no longer worth the expense, resources, and trouble to deal with any more attacks and outages over a free service. While we understand how many of you have come to depend on the IRC network, we hope you can understand our position and do apologize for the short notice and inconvenience this causes. We would have liked to continue the IRC network for a long time to come, but with the current state of DDoS attacks on the Internet and the problem only increasing, this no longer seems feasible.

We would like to thank the providers who hosted our servers over the past few years for their support, and all of you who made the IRC network your home. At this time, we know who is responsible for the attacks and law enforcement is investigating. Should you have any information which might assist law enforcement, please send it to us and we will pass it along.

Feel free to pass this along to other comms where mircx was a dominant form of exchange.
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I wanted to draw FMA fanart...

So I tried... blurb. I really wish the server I'm using allowed direct linking, but it doesn't, so you're stuck with a link. ^^; ..I just realized something. Ed's on a couch... but there's no Roy with him! *gasp* Maybe another time. *snerk*


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_tsumetai - waiting in the Air

Holy moly!

Due to an overwhelming response of Ed and his hotmail, I decided to make a sequel to Ed's hotmail:

Collapse )

If I am being too spammy, please let me know.

Last one for today!! Promise!
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oak views

Fic: At A Cost (gen)

The thought that started this story was more or less What if everything ends well? What if Ed and Al are restored, and the nasty ruler types are cleared out of the way so Roy can take over? Here's the start of the answer that occurred to me.

Gen, Angst, Fluff, AU (denial of character death).

At A Cost

Despite all conditioned reflex to the contrary, this is not UST and will never become either yaoi or het.

Random sketch!

Yeah, I did this doodle/sketch on Friday during my AP Gov class. I tend to draw on my notes (as you can see); this situation was pretty ironic since we were talking about how images affect how people think. THE TRUTH BEHIND THE TRUTH. AHHH!!

As for the snake...uh, he's a random doodle I do alot. He eats hamburgers.

I think it came out alright.
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