February 20th, 2004


intro + gifts

ah... 'nother lurker crawling out of lurkdom.  ^^;  and i come bearing gifts!  (note- i'm still getting used to livejournal, so sorry if something looks weird... >.O)

first- a fic

Type: Fanfic- Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Brother's Love
Author: Krys
Warnings: death, spoilers for chapter 10/11 of manga (maybe?), maybe a little elric-cest (if you wish to see it that way...)
Genre: death, angst
AN: un-betaed. and, um... i'm sorry (for what i do to ed...)? ><;;  eh, first time i've written for a while... and i know i switch between 'brother' and 'niisan'.  while al no doubt thinks 'brother', i can't hear him calling ed anything but 'niisan'.

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hi mina-san! orange peko here. ^_____^ i just joined. this is my first time posting on a comm! i love fma! ^____^ anywayz i found this cute roy/hawkeye fic and im posting it here. i hope the author doesnt mind... but this is too good not to share!

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A question....

Hi there,
This is another newbie post, although I did lurk around this community since November.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew Ed and Al's birthdates?

I shall forever be grateful to you.
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Weee, n00b

Hey all, I can't believe it took me 3 days to join this comm. I discovered FMA on Sunday, and I still have eps 15-19 to watch to catch up. So don't tell me stuff from those eps! (I was supposed to watch them last night, but I accidentally went and acquired another series on DVD that needed watching.)

So far my fave eps have been 7 and 13. I love how animals are portrayed in the series. I also love how Ed always exaggerates people's "short" comments when he gets mad. And Hughes obsession with his child. And Roy's... Royness. I love all the characters to pieces! I don't know if I could ever pick a fave.

It has been my experience that anime based on manga series is not quite as good as the original manga that spawned it. For those who have read the manga, what are the differences between manga/anime here?
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  • artwork

wahahahaha (crazed laugh). more.

Still not even close to getting half the current characters done, but... more adoptables:D

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First of all, don't direct/hot link these. And secondly, I want to ask that you link these back to me, but I don't really have the adoption site set up completely yet, so...

I guess link to CCG for now:x

More to come... soon:O

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by someone in ewan_hayden community..
  • ad_chan

I AM...>.> a fan.

Okay, Hi HI everybody~ <3

I know I joined this community almost two weeks ago..and well...I just did.

Anyway, I've seen many interesting things in this community [especially that Icon sharing *___*] and I wish I could be of more 'service'. However, I guessed [correctly I hope] that it must all begin with an introduction! So...HA HA. Here I am.

....I LOVEEEE EDDDDD. <3 [of course that was a given] EDDDDDDDD *__*

I am a bit strange ['bit' was an understatement] but I -can- draw decently so I shall post some random art, time to time...

Although everyone could access my art account at Deviant art through my profile, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't look at the profile of some random retard that crosses your way~ <3 so I shall post a link to my art site here~...>.>; I dont have much FMA stuff in there tho..ha ha...so I'll also link a gift art I did for someone. X3;; [extremely strange looking Ed...but in a SUIT]

art site: http://ad-chan.deviantart.com <----- sooooo original.

Link to giftie pic: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/4927506/

And and...uh...thats it? LOVE YOU ALLLLL. X3 [slobers]
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Sins fanart

I was watching episode 19 the other day, and during the opening song, I had a funny idea. Remember that scene where Ed lands on Al then Winry lands on Ed? Well, since the Sins don't get drawn much, I decided to try something. It was originally a quick sketch I was going to post, then I decided to color it. I'm not sure if my photoshop skills are good enough for the eye >_< but you're welcome to check it out ~_O.
  • yogurt

OMFG. Another new member post!

*wave!* I've been into FMA for a while now. I've also been stalking this community a while too just 'cause I heard it was spiffy. I might not post a bunch, but I did make a few icons of random characters. I found a site that had a few FMA images yesterday and I got around to cutting one of them up for icons. That place would be http://www.csusm.edu/anime/ in case you guys don't know about it yet (probably do).

Mmm, just three icons featuring Winry, Lust and Scar:
Comment and credit yogurt (me) if you take <3.

Ooh. I'd also like to know if anyone could point me out to cool FMA fanart sites? I don't really have a relationship preference (anything goes for me, it's all amusing in the end).

I'm also working around with a layout featuring Winry, screen caps taken from the first opening. I might turn into a free-to-use style in LJ soon. If anyone's interested, I'll post here when and how to get it if you want to use. Unfortunately, this only goes out to people who have paid accounts. XD If you want to use it for a website, tell me by email or comment because I'll have to make new link buttons for you. (Warning: It's on Geocities so it might quit on you for an hour.. I know, very annoying. =_=)
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One without a name

*dives blissfully into doujinshi covers*

I really love jpqueen.com. All those FMA doujin covers...

Yes, I have gone what I call "doujinshi diving." And I've made icons. I uploaded them to Fateback, which doesn't allow for image hotlinking, so I had to make an HTML page.


It has all the icons I previously put up here, as well as the new doujinshi ones. And yes, I love Koda Kumi's English versions of "real Emotion" and "1000 Words." Hush.

My usual rules apply: Comment here if you're going to take, and as long as you don't say the icon was made by you, you don't have to credit me.
Ai Otsuka [free]

First time posting...

Hi! I've been a lurker here for over 1 month and this is my first post ^^;; I've been into Full Metal Alchemist ever since the first ep and I love this show!!! My fav pairings are Ed/Winry, Roy/Ed, Roy/Lisa...actually most of the pairings there r XP anyway since it's my first post, i would like to give back something to the community. I cant draw (I love all the fanarts that were posted here ;_;) nor write well (i gave up on fic-writing about 2 yrs ago?) so i present here some icons i made with the doujinshi pics that someone posted (sry i forgot hu ^^;) they r not very gd so pls bear wif me! Comment on which one ur taking and credit in keyword pls ^^


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Template for no. 2 is taken from oddshiz

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