February 18th, 2004

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I'm very sorry

My FTP server has crashed. FOR GOOD.

So my friend is going to move my domain. It will take 5 days. For 5 days I will not be able to put convention photos up. I'm very sorry for the delay. I promise to put up the FMA, Naruto cosplays and such as soooon as possible. (yeah right, as if you guys care about my photos lol) but yeah... i'll work hard...
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Another Alchemy related manga...

Well, it seems that another manga will be tackling alchemy because Watsuki Nobuhiro (author of Rurouni Kenshin) has started a new series called Busou Renkin (Weapons Alchemy).

While I have bought the first book and skimmed through it... I have noooo idea what's going on. So far the main character is a student named Mutou Kazuki. He has a younger sister named Mahiro and some friends at school (one of whom looks like Bokuto no Ryu from Shaman King)... Apparently he's got some alchemy-esque abilities along with this other chick who has fighting abilities named Shimura Tokiko. There are some interesting objects and "bad guys?" involved but again I haven't really tried reading it so I'm thoroughly confused. Hopefully someone will start translating it so I don't have to sit here and be frustrated... Art is not as good as RK (at least to me) and it's not nearly as interesting yet... but who knows?

Part of the reason why I picked this up aside from the fact that it was made by Watsuki-sensei, was cause I couldn't find any FMA at Kinokuniya in SF! Agh! It's all sold out for the next few weeks >.< I'm totally considering ordering it online now! Is it really worth it guys?

But yeah just thought you guys might wanna know... =P

Keep up with the awesome stuff here! I've been totally impressed by the artwork, the cosplaying, the writing, etc that everyone's been doing! I'm totally jealous! Am definitely wanting to cosplay as Lust and Envy now! Oh if only I could sew! And I'd put up fanart if I could doodle as well as you guys and had a scanner =P

proof i'm on crack.

Sooo it's kinna early and kerbox dearest is sending me random amusing scans from the FMA manga (which I actually haven't read as I just follow the anime). Anyway I thought it would be even more amusing to do a bit of ... creative editing.

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That was the best of the batch, I think.

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Intro post and some speculation and questions

...And this would be yet another "newbie" post to the community.

My name is Kelly, and I just got into FMA... last week. I'd held off on watching it because I had so many other anime I was behind on and didn't want to start another one. However, the constant rambling of it's greatness I encountered via my friends finally made me go "The Hell with it." I ended up watching the first nineteen episodes within about 48 hours. Bittorrent is my god. Anyway, I can say I'm at least "mildly obsessed" with this series already, because I've started majorly speculating and theorizing. That is not a good sign. XD Ah well, I'll give into the obsession. This series is amazing.

My favorite characters are probably Edward and Hughes, and I'm leaning towards the Edward/Winry pairing as far as my "ship."

Anyway, I haven't had the chance to check out the manga yet- but I do have some theories. I'm curious as to whether the manga either confirms/denies/or doesn't say anything about them.

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Again, this is just a huge mishmash of unorganized and incomplete speculation. However, if there is anyone out there who has expanded on this in thought/and or knows something I don't from the manga... that would be awesome. ^^
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(no subject)

Hi~! I've just recently gotten into FMA, so as I poked around for fanfics, I came across this community.. and now I have an LJ account. ^^ I just thought I'd say hi to all you FMA fans!! *waves*
Btw, another Roy/Ed shipper here... =3
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(no subject)

Since everyone is 'fessing up and exiting lurkdom, I have followed suit. :PP

I'm Muffins, and I got obsessed with FMA on Valentine's Day. :P. I've actually watched the first episode of fma way back when it was only 3 episodes, but then wasn't too into it (the first episode wasn't too attention grabbing...boi was I ever stupid). But then due to raphiiq's incessent pleas/threats, I've become obsessed. No, I became obsessed by my own doing. She only made me get obsessed with the fannon couple RoyxEd. XDD. I also enjoy Elric!cest. Al is too cute for my teeth.

Oh yeah, here's two scans of the RoyxEdo dj I wanted on ebay (but it's gone now...). Gosh I need to get an ebay account or beg raphiiq to get it for me. I've salvaged them from the evilness of ebay link purgedom. Thank me later. :DD.

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Enjoy? No likie? Comment! *is feedback whore*
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*joins and delurks*

Hi! My name is Cici and I'm yet another newbie, although I'll confess to having lurked here for a few weeks. I've been a fan of FMA since last month when I saw the first four episodes at my friend's house. I'm mostly a fan of the manga right now because I don't have access to any more of the anime (I live on campus and it's against our network rules to use BitTorrent… grrr… and my connection at home is dialup so downloading episodes takes forever), so I'm always not-so-patiently waiting for Toriyama to come out with a new chapter scanlation and looking for screencaps of the anime to see what's been changed or added. But I'm not obsessed. Really.

Also, I noticed someone made a post a few days ago about cosplaying as Ed at Katsucon. Well, um, if she or any of the other people mentioned in that post happen to remember a short brown-haired girl in glasses and a green schoolgirl skirt who asked to take their picture by the escalator in the lobby on Saturday evening… that was me. (It was an Ed, an Al, and a Winry in the group I got the picture of.) And if you noticed my camera didn't have a flash, you're more observant than I was. ^^;;

Wait, I have something to contribute besides my babblings! I have icons! My rules for taking them are the usual ones: Comment and credit. Half of them are of Winry because 1) I think she's cool and 2) I haven't seen many icons with her in them.

1. 2.

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yet another newb

I have been lurking here for ages. Since December I think. Finally got some guts, Anyway all I can contribute for now are some ideas.

1. Roy takes over the world

2. Ed takes over the world

3. Roy and Ed compete for world domination.

4. Hawkeye and Hughes are Roys minions.

5. Al and Winry are Ed's minions.

6. capes...nuf said.
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Determination, FMA, gen, PG, Winry

Title: Determination
Author: Ela (bemysty)
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
Type: gen
Pairing/Characters: Winry, microscopic hints of Winry/Ed
Rating: PG
Summary: While returning from Central City, Winry worries...
Disclaimer: Full Metal Alchemist doesn't belong to me and I'm making no profit with this fanfiction
Spoilers: Episode 8
Notes: Reply to the Travelling Challenge.
Well, it's the first thing I've written in three and a half years. As you'll notice, I'm sure ¬¬;; It didn't turn out like I wanted it to be, but I didn't expect it to anyway. Beware of random grammatical errors and a lot of "she"'s, I'm somewhat out of sorts with my English skills today. Also somewhat out of synch with the series. Time taken = roughly 55 minutes. Uhm, C&C (especially criticism) very appreciated.

Crossposted to temps_mort, fm_alchemist and my personal journal

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*sets mode to "anti-lurk"*

Well, I got lured out helping a fellow member, so I might as well come out of the woodwork and announce that yes I, projectVORTEX, am planning world domination! Wait... that didn't sound right. >.<

*checks notes*

Oops... wrong speech! That I, projectVORTEX, am a Fullmetal Alchemist fan! Unlike the other lurkers, the gift I wished to offer the group is still in my head (and no, we're not taking my head away from me), but I hope to have the first chapter of it up by the end of the week, if all goes well... (and that's a big "if")

Since I'm already helping avianthropy get her hands on FMA, I suppose I shall dub myself "Official Getter and Giver of Ways to Get FMA for Those (Poor Souls) Who Do Not Have It"... the acronym would be OGaGoWtGFfT(PS)WDNHI ... hmm... I can't pronounce that! Just call me the "go-fer"! ^_^ If anyone needs help along those lines, contact me on AIM at ProjectVORTEX and I'll try to lend a hand.

Dream free!
chibi lavi

My first little batch of icons!

Hey y'all! I made my first little batch of icons today. Most of them were from s-CRY-ed, but I made a few FMA ones too! ^_^ Feel free to take what you'd like, just tell me and give me credit! (You can go to my personal LJ if you want to see the s-CRY-ed ones too.)

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Kino Smile

Artage ^_^

I drew a picture of Ed while listening to Shining Collection from Gravitation. Behold the random posing-ness

Picture at Deviant Art

If you look around the gallery, you'll find I randomly have an Rockma X, King of Bandit Jing, and Fullmetal Alchemist nonsensical crossover pic.
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Another newbie, and a music video

Hello everyone!

This is my first time ever using Live Journal and posting. o_O So go easy on me. I've been a fan of FMA since December, and have been lurking here for some time...I've finally gotten enough courage to post! XD I am also a huge fan of Roy x Ed, and to all of the fanfic writers and artists here, you are GOD!
Anywho...here is the FMA music video I made. It's to Incubus's Megalomaniac. It's my second video to date, and I'm still not completely finished with it. I want to change parts at the end, and put in the unedited song. But knowing me and my lazy ass, I won't do that for a while. So here is the first version! FullMetalManiac
Hope you like it! ^_^
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