February 16th, 2004

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Cosplaying Ed at Katsucon ... XD

Bwah! I SO knew that was going to happen. XD Just lost my post. Anyway.

Anyway, like luna_hoshino said, I went to Katsucon as Edward Elric, and I had an absolute blast. rukawagf took tons of pictures, so I thought I'd show off some of them. XD

We had a Winly (rukawagf), an Envy (kiryuutougasama), and me. But there was an ALPHONSE! Marvel at her amazingness. *___*

Um, teaser pic, and a link out to my lj where there are more pics, including Envy torturing Ed a la latest pictures from Animage. XD

Look, I'm Ed!  ... sorta

More FMA cosplay here - Envy, Ed, and Winly

I know I met more people than just luna, so please do me a favor and wave at this post if we saw each other? :) Thank you!

And thank you to everyone who made Katsucon such a great experience. *g*

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CCS: Tomoyo--flower

Manga scans

Ok people--

Seeing as how it is winter break and I have pretty much nothing to do (except for maybe, like, my *homework*... >_>;;) for the next week I will be willing to scan chapter 12 (about where the anime currently is) and up of what I have of the FMA manga (that is, to the end of book 6/chapter 25) on the following conditions:

1) Someone please give me someplace better to upload the scans to than Geocities, and

2) Better translations than what I can come up with would be *really* nice. ^^;

Thanks in advance~
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site update, woo!

Okay, yay! I finally got around to tinkering with fics until I'm basically happy with them, tho that won't last...snerk... And so now my FMA fics are up on my site, no more poking around for posts here and there, and yay!


People have asked me about linking, and the answer to that will always be yes. Just use "Sleeps With Coyotes" intead of "ciceqi," heh, that's all!

Okay, now I'm going for breakfast so I can work on AS3, hee...
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Quasi-anime jewelry.

I'm a freak. I've known this for a long time. I get into a fandom, and I start looking for the jewelry bearing the symbols of that fandom. Harry Potter makes me seek out snakes; Merry Gentry made me squeal over and buy spider earrings. And lo and behold, at the same time I found what I now call my Roy Earrings.

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Two pairs of earrings to be precise. Look and envy... especially as the prices by them are what I did pay for them.
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small ficcy

Um, just something along the lines of a snippet that may expand into something larger once the mess in my head sorts itself out. More experienced writers in this community, please give some feedback on this. I'm not exactly sure where this is going at the moment, so suggestions are also welcome.


Edit: link didn't work before, might have something to do with my accidentally locking the entry, so apologies to anyone who's looking in on this piece of amatuer work. Many apologies to anyone inconvienienced by this.
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Fic: Rare (Roy/Ed)

Unadulterated smut strikes back. Here is one of the Circumstances fics I promised more than one person lo these many weeks ago. Sorry it took so long, I was overcome with plot-bunnies. But the smut-bunnies are now triumphant.

Definite PWP, Lemon (Roy/Ed), NC-17, no spoilers.

tf autocon symbols

w00tcomic: FMA injokes

The classy chick that draws this comic is an Fullmetal Alchemist fan. Her comic generally involves (in no particular order) live action roleplaying, hacking, computer geekery, cat geekery, RPG and anime geekery....well, you get the point.

Just thought that you guys might get a kick out of these:

The first FMA reference that I caught.

And another, even funnier one from tonight. It's part of a running strip arc, but you don't have to know too much about it to get the funny. ^__^

New member...

Hi...um another new member. I didn't really like Fullmetal Alchemist when I first read it but it kind of grew on me after the first few chapters. I don't really have a favourite character but I do really like Al and Ed's sweet relationship. I seem to be drawn toward Roy/Ed but the only pairing I actually dislike is Winry/Ed.

I kinda wrote a fic but I haven't written any fanfiction in close to a year so I'm a bit nervous about this. It assumes that Al eventually regains his body but Ed doesn't becuase...eh I guess it'd be hard to explain to the world how his arm and leg sprouted back...yeah.

If I end up continuing this thing, which I think I want to, it'll probably end up being one sided Al/Ed so sorry to anyone who finds that squicky. This is fairly rough and I apologize for my poor grammar.

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well yes...nice to meet you all though!
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Snowdrop and Aster bickering

*coughs* fanart *coughs*

This is my first post on this community, but I've actually been around for a while, and it's needless to say that I'm a fan of FMA. I had a fan art sketch request marathon earlier (20-minute sketches, supposedly), and took requests from buddies. ^^ It's closed right now, since I need some rest, but you can still see some of the commissions. Hints of boys-love, though all are pretty safe to click.

Envy/Ed, requested by veatariel: Ed and Envy...and lots of hair-pulling....yeah. ^^

Roy/Ed/Envy, requested by pegasus_01: Roy and Envy fighting over Ed. ^^ (well, okay, not quite...)

Enjoy! XD
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