February 14th, 2004

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I have fic!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have a fic!

and an FMA fic to boot!

well, this was written for pegasus_01 from a request she made (Roy and Ed ice-skating).

Title: Of all the things Ed hated the most.... (title courtesy of Lilas-neechan)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: teeny tiny little bit of RoyxEd
Rating: PG13 for cursing and inuendo
Summary: err...ice-skating fluff? it's rather short ^^;;

onto the fic!

and then pegasus_01 made this pretty, pretty drawing to go along with it ^_^

C&C on both are very much appreciated!!
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For Desk-san and Couch-san fans...

Jumping into the bandwagon! Um... please tell me if I should put this behind a cut or so.  This is my first animated FMA icon that I'm sharing.

Warnings for Roy/Ed implications and desk-san/couch-san jokes.  Please credit if you take! Thanks!  I don't remember if I've seen a similar icon, so please tell me if I'd inadvertedly stolen someone's idea.

llegas aquí para brillar lo tienes todo;
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Mwahaha~ I got my scanner to work >=D

Though that may not be such a good thing for you people..*cough*

Some Valentine's-inspired scribble shtuff I did while waiting for ep 19 to finish downloading. Pencil (be warned, it's sketch, so it's messy) might CG it one day when I have the patience. Also inspired by the great RoyxHawkeye pics Koon makes ^^ Hope ye folks like.

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Hleb, Rosicky, Arsenal, Glomp

Animage March

=^_^= I'm sure all of you will love Animage's March issue... The furoku (free gift) is a poster of Roy and Ed, with Roy's hand on Ed's shoulder. XD A very =nice= poster. Ah, the RoyxEd vibes. Also inside: Fullmetal Alchemist pages, and very funny Hagaren/prince of tennis crossover omake if anyone is interested.

Aparently, the partenership of Roy and Ed ranks fourth in their poll thingy... (Ed & Al are second) Ed still tops the character ranking list, and Roy moved up from 13th to 4th.

You can't miss the magazine if you go looking for it. Afterall, it's Roy and Ed on the cover. XD
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tf autocon symbols

I come bearing ficbit.... :bows:

Title: Saving Souls
Author: white_aster
Rating: G
Pairing: None, really, though the Roy/Ed fans will probably enjoy the sentiment.
Warnings: None, really. A touch of angst.
Summary: A wee ficlet, in which Roy contemplates Ed, his own motivations, and redemption.

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:waves: Hello. My name is Aster, and I'm addicted to FMA. I'm convinced that this series is going to eat my brain, if it has not already. My favorite pairing at this point is Roy/Ed, but I can't quite let myself write smut yet, because 15's a leeetle young for that in my book and I have a bad feeling that I should wait to find out how things turn out before writing anything set any later. >.

Hi, newbie here^^ // FMA official fanbook vol.1

Yoroshiku minna! I just joined this group here^^ The contagious plague of FMA and, of course, Edward Elric's braided-boy cuteness has hit yet another person full force! (That was a very random metaphor...)

I live on Deviantart and fanfiction.net^^ My name is Sal, please just call me Sal (saves your typing out my entire alias^^;). I own an FMA fansite called Ambivalence, an Ed dedication ho^^ and I draw FMA fanart too.

My favourite pairing is Roy/Hawkeye or vice-versa. I accept Roy/Ed and Al/Winry too. But I reject incest. And somehow I always think no one is good enough for Ed (^^;).

I hope I can be useful here for providing information and pictures, as I can get a lot of FMA stuff in Hong Kong.

And a piece of news, the FMA Official Fanbook Vol.1 is out, here is a picture:
Click. It has episode guide of 1-9, seiyuu interviews, and character designs, plus a load other things. If anyone want scans I'd be happy to provide them^^
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