February 13th, 2004


Alphonse skin

I've finished an Al skin. It's up on <a href="http://www.geocities.com/kiraseldon/winamp.html>my site</a>. Again, email me (lady_aro@hotmail.com) to get it.
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Xei x Envy luuuv
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(no subject)

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone had any tips on making borders on LJ icons? As i've seen some pretty snazzy ones around here, and i feel mine could do with one!
Me in Korea

National Alchemist Symbol

Does anyone know where I can find a good, clear image of the national alchemist symbol? I'm going to be sewing it onto the back of a coat of mine, and need a good reference.

Thanks in advance.
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Little Manhattan

(no subject)

Hola! I stumbled across this community, and fell in love with the awesome icons and such you all have.

Just wanted to say a friend got me addicted, and I am forever indebted to her. ^^
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(channel_force)   Yahoo!

RoyxEd yaoi fic fragment

This is the 2nd fic fragment I've created. Don't worry- it doesn't get to anything remotely juicy yet-- but I'll do my best to categorize it. It's EXTREMELY rough. If you're looking for a grammar queen- I'm not it ^^; I just started to make this 2 hours ago- the final product will probably be posted elsewhere though ^_~

Pairing: Roy X Ed
Rating: Ummm... NC 17?
Contents: It starts out as Edward meets up with Roy late at night at HQ. He thinks he's in for some special information for a quest, but he has no clue that Roy's onto him! And wants him back in return!

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Uhm.. more art! Was supposed to be my "daily" pic a few days ago... but between my Stupid Day Job and Star Ocean 3, 'twas a tad delayed. My first attempt at Hughes hides behind the cut...

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Enjoy! :)
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chibi lavi

Yet another n00b!

Yes, yes, another newbie. ^_^ Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and thanks to the people who've let me snurch icons already! I love FMA... from the very first episode I was hooked! But I'm just now starting to get involved in the fandom.

I should have some fic to post here sometime soon. elffromspace has been bugging me for Ed/Winly smut. (Actually, she's been pontificating the greatness of Ed/Winly/Al, but I'm not writing a metal-fetish threesome today, Elf!) Soooo, I may have something to go against the flow of the yaoi-ness. Not that I'm against yaoi by any means! I love it actually, I'm just not really into it for this fandom yet.

Anyway, looking forward to being an active part of this community!
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