February 12th, 2004

  • mhikaru

icons? <3

It's not much, but since I had found awesome screenshots of Haga-ren, I did some icons! XD

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The usual rules apply to taking icons everywhere: credit "mhikaru" in the keywords, then use all you like! Simple, no? :3
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My friend mentioned in her livejournal that she told her history teacher that the sephiroth had appeared in an episode/volume of Hagane no Renkinjutsushi and he immediately became curious about the series. So she asked if anyone had any scans of the sephiroth and I did a search. Hence, my presence here.

I came across This entry Which led me to This Page which, as you can see, had the exact image I was looking for. So I hope the nice person that owns the website isn't mad that I borrowed the pic. It was for a good cause, really.

In any case, I decided that any community that has people with such nifty webpages and such is worth joining. So I did, and here I am...

Okay, I'm rambling now, I'm a bit sleep deprived. I'm gonna go to sleep and dream of Roy... fire... yeah...

G'night ^_^;
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  • amefuri

new FMA chapter!

For those that aren't already aware, chapter 11 has just been released by TW. Get it
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For those that aren't already aware, chapter 11 has just been released by TW. Get it <a href="http://www.toriyamaworld.com/files/fma-11.zip.torrent"here!</a>
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  • skyria

FMA iconses!

Comment adn credit, please, if you want to snatch some. <3

12 icons .. all pretty much Ed. x) One Roy .. I need to get more screenshots of him so I can make more. :O But I hope everyone enjoys!

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For more icons, go to broken_icons. :D
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couch fanart

I post this hesitantly, since the drawing isn't actually all that good (what little of it there is), and I'm iffy on the proportions/positioning.
Oh well, that's what I get for drawing during an 8:30 lecture when I'm half awake.
But I do like the concept, so.

Roy/Ed. Nothing's ... showing, but it's more than implied.

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