February 11th, 2004

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For the sake of sheer silliness, and since it's that time of year, I present to you a very short Valentine's Day omake fic.

Roy, Ed, Havoc, and a letter. No warnings.

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Thanks for reading--

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Fic: Ever (Roy/Ed, Winry/Al)

Well, since the v-day posts have started, I suppose this is a good time to post this fic. The seed of it was kind of "well, how could Roy and Ed wind up in bed, I mean, seriously, now." And then a remark from nekokoban *tips hat* sparked a thought, and here it is.

Multi-part (14 chapters), Angst, Drama, Fluff, Lemon (ch. 14, Roy/Ed), PG-13/NC-17, spoilers through ep 18.

Yes, there is a reason to leave the lemon off that long, no I did not just write this to have thirteen chapters of cruel and unusual UST.

Premise: that the series will end with Al restored but not Ed. One year later, back in Central City, we open our story...


Er, it kind of has a hanging ending, because there's another story coming after it. May the muses have mercy on my soul. Or at least my keyboard...

Only 3 days left! YAY! X3

-cough- This is something I drew in three minutes. Very sketchy. Roy makes too many cute faces.. and Edward has his hair down.. o__o;

It's kinda big, too. [600x807]

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Edit: So this post wont go to a complete waste I made icons! X3
1x 2x 3x

Edit, Edit: -cough- Made ANOTHER icon! Made the sprite too. XDD Same rules above:

Told you I'd make it Trudy >.>!

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FIC: Library Rules 1/1

Eh, the end does kind of cut off suddenly but that's where it ends. o_oa I kind of wanted to do a quiet mood piece to go with Sakki's picture (guess which one!), even if I'm not sure how it ended up.

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