February 7th, 2004

the curious incident
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Obligatory newbie post.

Yo. I just joined the community a while ago and have been happily sifting through the archives, reading great fics and admiring all the iconage and art. Anyway, since it's my goal in life to make people's eyes bleed, I give you my own paltry offering: Make Gold of This. Ed/Al introspection and wank. Yesss, preciouses.

Hope everyone keeps drawing and writing for FMA; you all have a lot of talent and insight.
One without a name

[Fic] And Return to Nothing 0/?

Fullmetal Alchemist fic! Also on my own journal!

Edit: vikki gave me a great idea about the last line. Equivalent trade, ho!

Disclaimer: No own, Square/Enix own, yadda yadda yadda. Did anyone else let out a squeal when it was learned Square/Enix did Fullmetal Alchemist? Just me? Hm, damn love of cute Final Fantasy girls in very little...

Note: This idea came from a friend of mine. vikki had an idea to make a Fullmetal Alchemist AU where it was found out Ed tried to bring his mother back, and then bound his brother's soul to armor. Al was taken away for experiments, and Ed ended up in slavery. Roy ends up buying him, and insert wacky adventures. My idea is based off that, except that I've read Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy trilogy one too many times. NO, Ed won't have Phédre's problem with pain. I was trying to keep the BDSM to acceptable levels, ya know?

And Return to Nothing
By Spinny Roses

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My head feels so dizzy.

Fanart! Again! Yaaayy. Edward! Again! Yaaayy.

-stops self- Sorry. Very tired and moody and I'm not in the mood to really talk in full sentences as you can see I'm already starting to run off on this one whoosh! -breathes-

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-falls over.-
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