February 5th, 2004


Fanart-in-disguise, or:

... Or, "How I can get away with fangirling in class".
I hesitate to post this piece only because it's not actually fanart, per se...

The assignment was to do a pen-and-ink drawing incorporating the elements of man, pet, and machine. Obsessed as I am, and always looking for opportunities to ... er, "make my assignments fun", I asked if it was allowed to combine any two of those three elements. To my surprise, it was! And I knew I wanted to do something with a bird.

I suppose I should also say that this was in many ways inspired by ravenwoodiii's series of fics posted a while ago.

To that end:
(warning, it's kind of big.)
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And now I scurry away to bed, just a little embarrassed. ^^;;

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sometimes you eat the bunny...
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fic: roy/ed SLASH: PG: altered states 2

Yep, she's gotten out the Generic I-Have-Fic! Icon, so you know what that means...snerk... This is the sequel to Altered States, but it's nowhere near as porntastic as that one. Actually, there's no porn to speak of. But there is relationship goo! And angst. And an awful lot of stomping around. That's Ed's fault. Also, there's Al and the Hughes clan. Eee.

Altered States II: Citrinitas

Hope you enjoy!

Yayness! Fanart mania!

Well I drew Edo AGAIN a while back at school. I just kept forgetting to bring my sketchbook home with me. This time I drew him in a bishi-yumminess style. The little kids at my school kept pointing at it asking why she was holding her boo..er.. chest.. and I told them it wasn't a girl XDD that it was a guy from an anime and they left me alone trying to figure out what this strange new word meant... 'anime???'.

So yes! The backround is supposed to be that strange symbol on his jacket... but I'm not sure I really got it right. -scratches head.- It's a little uneven because I had to work without a ruler and such. Plus I was in a shading mood and that toally messed things up. -lesigh.-

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Hello, newbie here.

I've read somewhere that the FMA anime will start deviating from manga somewhere around book 4, can this be confirmed? I've been spoiling myself on manga info all around FMA msg boards, I hope the anime isn't going to deviate from the manga too far, there's quite a bit of scenes that I'm dying to see in motion.
Castiel - BAMFwalk
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Um ... fic. >___>

Okay, I feel really incredibly embarrassed posting this to the list, so bear with me. ._.; beckymarie and I were talking, see, and, um, we came up with this whole complicated alternate universe that's almost like a, 'what if everything had gone wrong?' sort of universe. With nasty twists and stuff. And bondage. yes. Pretty bondage. >__>

Um, yeah. Without further ado, I present to you the introduction and first chapter of an as-of-yet-untitled Roy/Ed master/slave fic. It is heavily AU and yaoi, although not officially so just yet. >__>

So, yes. Prologue and chapter 1 of said fic.
Warnings: Eventual yaoi, Alternate Universe
Pairings: (eventual) Roy/Ed, possible Ed/Winly

( Prologue: "Too Close to the Sun" ) - how things got the way they are

( Chapter 1: "Mercy" ) - Roy finds Ed

As always, muchos gracias for comments. >__>

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izaya -  chair

Well minna-san~

All of you have been drooling over Japanese toys auctions that would't sell internationally right?

Well cry no more! Let me introduce someone I found !! He's fluent in Japanese (half Jap/Chinese) and can bid FOR you for the Japanese products! (With a fee of course) but you will have to pay the fee and the shipping and handling. (That's the only catch)

And yeah, he's the reason how I bought all the autographs for Tenimyu2 and stuff.

So let me introduce to you, ae86kai just email him ( hokagekyubi@yahoo.com ) or drop a line at his LJ for a request.

Oh and here's some links for you to surf and see if you want anything
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I suggest saving those links to your bookmark so you don't ask me how to spell naruto in japanese. If you do want different anime then above, then go ahead and ask me. I'll figure it out ^^;

(I'm doing this only as a favor cause everyone kept asking me in tenimyu and chuunin among others how I bid on these items.)

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emperor and empress

yet another newbie post!

hey guys, I bet you're sick of these. well, you get one from me on this subject as well. Hi! I'm kinda new, I've been reading this community for a while now and felt I should take part more often than leech and such [and besides... like 90% of my friends page comes from this lj community, kind of weird] anywho. just wanted to express my love for HagaRen and its nice to finall post ^_^!

I leave you with an lj cut... because .. yeah

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