February 4th, 2004

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Does anybody happen to know of an acticve torrent for the PS2 FMA game? There used to be one, but it's vanished off the face of Suprnova. And the only other one I can find, 'by english' or whatever, fails to work! Alas, woe, indeed.

So, does anybody know of any, or do I need to import? ;D
super serious arting

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*waves* yo. asking for some help (i guess).

i am making a edward shrine, since i love him to death and think there really should be more fma sites out there (that, and i haven't seen any shrines yet...). for those who are curious, here's what it will look like (its still in process of course):

what i'm asking for is any kind of contribution of fanart or fanfiction anyone is willing to let me archive. i'm also willing to take scans from people with guide books and manga volumes *hinthint*. all fanarts and scans (if donated) will have watermarks on them containing the artist's name, website/lj (either or both, up to the artist) and whatever other information the artist would like to include. these watermarks can be either tranparent and over a part of the image (to prevent stealing) or dark and in the corner (to allow the best viewing of the image in question). fanfiction will have the authors name (and whatever information they want posted) pasted everywhere that i can find a spot for it.

fanfiction and art has to have edward in them, of course. he doesn't have to be the only character featured, but important in said work.

also, will trade links. please tell me if you want to be linked.

thank you in advanced.

(small pimpage; centralcity! fresh rpg with mods that swear we won't eat you 83)
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I come bearing ficlets...

...and a newbie too, to boot!

Not quite sure what rating to give these. All I know is that clothing is involved, there's some Roy here, some Ed there, and someone dies in the second one. And maybe a little yaoi, but only a very little.

Please read with a sense of humor, no matter how twisted.

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Newbie post

Ack I dunno what to write here. I’m quite new to FMA but I love it all the same so here’s my first pic not very good or anything >< but still.

chibi Ed. I’ll try Cg him but can’t promise. Chibi Roy coming next ^ ^ and then mayb some other FMA pics.

Also my icons are really boring and I suck at icon making ;__;. If anyone can help it’d be much appreciated and I’ll try draw you a pic in return.
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CCS: Tomoyo--flower

...it took a *lot* less time to cover 17 episode's worth of plot in the manga...

Have just received my shipment of manga from beautiful Sasugabooks, among which is all six volumes of FMA!!! **celebrates** They're all new and shiny and *prettyfull* and I still hold that Roy looks like a woman on volume 2's cover... (the one you see if you take off the book jacket--it was posted here a while back)

No doubt I will have more to contribute on the subject later (like, say, 1,000 questions on "What just happened here!?"), but now I must go *read* it! ^__________^ Ja~!
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gerard - killjoys

funky fanart ^^;

I didn't have a pencil with me today, so my classroom ... er, "notes" had to be done very carefully and in pen.
The pen that I *had* was a sepia-toned Micron 05, so that was a bit different from drawing with ballpoint.
Anyway, since there was no pencil, I wasn't sure where exactly I was going when I started. And then I colored it ... sort of randomly, and *very* differently from the way I generally color things.

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EDIT: 5:49p -
Messed around with layers/opacity/etc..
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Okay, I've truly lost it and decided that I'm going to try to cos-play Lust since I have the hair and bust for it (ah, the glories of the pill). One major problem, I can't find any decent pictures of the woman to figure out what her costume looks like.

And, if any off you happens to know a good seamstress who takes commissions for cos-players I will love you forever and like you for always.


How many will want my head for this....

I need a diet coke... mmm... bubbles.

Well, I was told to grace you all with this too. PLEASE DON"T KILL US ;-; Perhaps this will turn into a fic. Oh my, I said I was leaving the fic world.... ::le sigh:: oh well, this looks like fun ;p

Please note, this was done while we were like, less than five feet away from each other, so it's even more sad that this is even in AIM format ^^;;;;;. Killashawndra is anruiukimi . oh, and fear, teh Mark is DRAWING some of this right now O_O

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(゜ω゜) んーごくらくー
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Peectures and things

Posting s'more fanart. Four pieces this time, sorted into an lj-cut and a link right into my journal, because there's a little smut this time around. XB

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PG is as rough as it gets here.

The other kind
Gay and rated R/NC-17. Drawn as a kind of continuation/encouragement for a certain fanfic that also started with a picture I drew and talked about at length. XB

All done. Have fun.
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