February 3rd, 2004


Ed!angst fic!

This is the fault of episode 17. I was writing my horror story when I got sidetracked by the end of the DL and this would not.get.out.of.my.HEAD!!! So I wrote it before I could blissfully return to English HW. Very short, but very angsty. Or so I think. Enjoy guys!

Watchful Memories
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Fic: Temper, 1/1, G.

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine. Arakawa-sensei's got Da Power.

Blink-and-miss-it Roy/Ed. Spoilers for eps...uh, 14-15, I believe. Forgive OOCness and cliches. There's been a rash of wonderful fic recently, pimped by calintz here, and this rather lame thing is what it inspired. Is still a draft, so feedback much appreciated!

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dreamsquare: clover

Have you hugged an Ed today?

Well I was going to wait until I got more up, or until I gave it more of a polish, but here's a short sketchy doujinshi-ish thing I did. A retelling of Icarus. :/ Could stand alone, although I might add different 'pages' later.

I think there needs to be a "Give Ed a Hug" support group. Love the boy, hug him.
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ヘタリア⇒i wanna make you happy

[ICONSES] And thus the kitty shall chat forth... or attempt to >O_o

Heee.... late night/early morning.. consider it what you will >O_O< I come to pester with these:

simple rules simple rules
-credit, nice=D
... okay... I lied, one rule=P

There are lots more over at my iJournal, xdigitalkittyx, so frollok there if you'd like=3

Be forewarned that these iconses will need to be saved as .png files to live up to their full potential of taking over the intraweb their.. umm.. icon being... yesh >o_o<

Also, I was venturing into unknown territory today *cuespookymusiccuespookymusic* of thoughtlessly doodling! GASPSHOCK! The horror.... thank the gods you're not on my friends list for the next couple of days >O_O<

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So in closing, I'd like to bid everyone a great big good day!=D And.. yeah.. if you go to the elusive ijournal just be sure to read the rules >^-^<;;
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Quick Question. ^-^

I just saw this community this morning and hoped y'all would be of help. ^-^ I was wondering how many episodes of FMA there is, or if it's still coming out as of now. So far, I just DLed ep 17, which was hard to find. And seeing some of y'alls post I figured maybe they're still coming out. I haven't been able to locate any up to date episode guide, so tha's my reason for asking. ^-^;; thank youuuu.

(no subject)

right, this is what happens when I'm on-line past midnight and trying to make intelligient conversation...actually no, blame this on pegasus_01 and her pretty drawings. actually it's the second drawing that started it all...

what "it"?

well, have you ever wondered what a verbal cat-fight between Roy and Envy would be like? no? well, I didn't really either and yet this IM conversation happened (err, it's shonen-ai'ish...obviously).

yes, we're crazy: enjoy! ^______^
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Me in Korea

(no subject)

Now, I found this in a collection of photos of a Cloud cosplay from Kingdom Hearts...

Does anyone see what I think I see?

Is that a Fullmetal cosplay group in the background?...I think so...

They're everywhere!

I am very amused.
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touma karamochi (me! ^_^)

Become a Member of the National Alchemists!!

Yes, now YOU can have your VERY OWN National Alchemist Watch, signifying that you are a member of the Central City(or whatever it is called ^-^) National Alchemist Army!

Yep, at Animate you can buy the NA Watch, comes with certificate stating that it is authentic. A bit heavy and the lion insignia is very detailed...

Only 6000en(almost $60) ^-^

I might buy one of those before I leave... ^-^

Also bought the 'Ready, Steady, GO!' CD, a couple of Prints(kinda like small posters with mattes), one of Ed and Al, the other of the well-known NAs(like Armstrong, Roy, Hughes, Lisa, etc.) and a few more things. Plus more Gashapons too! ^-^
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A comic strip scanned from...

Hi all!

Here is a comic strip scanned from some official stuff...^^; Please let me know if posting scanned official goods or comics are not permitted in this community.

Eh, I can't remember really well but the cartoon below was a part of some FMA goods advertisement.

Click here


1) How to use a pencil board
2) Ed: "Nuooooooooooooooooohhhhh!!!"
3) Ed: "Total height 170 cm!!!"
4) Al: "....it won't happen."

(I just love you, Arakawa Sensei!)

By the way, has anyone seen Roy Mustang + Azumanga parody movie clip "Ganbareh, Mustang-san"? It was totally hilarious T_T
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Jin says :O!

Late n00b with Ed oekaki

Hello everyone! I'm Niki, aka Lesca, weirdo and pocky addict extraordinare! I've been lurking here for a while with absolutely nothing to post, but recently (that is, in the wee wee hours of this morning T_T;;) did an oekaki of Ed. It's not very good - lineart, lighting, & composition leave quite a bit to be desired - but I figured I should post something. xDD

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C&C would be welcomed with open arms.

[edit] image fixed, sorry. ^^;;
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Me in Korea

Cosplay icon...

I've made many FMA icons lately, but this is one of my favourites. If you'd like to see the photo this was made from, let me know...

I love the expression on Roy's face... He's all "Look who's sitting in my lap..."

Free with credit...
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Apparently, a PS2 game is not all we're going to get... they're also making a GBA game! :D It's titled [Fullmetal Alchemist: Meisou no Rinbukyoku] What the second part translates to, I have no idea. T__T Anyway, it will be released on April 15 in Japan. It will be sold for 4,800 yen (about $45.32) More details [Japanese] and screenshots! may be found here: http://gameonline.jp/news/2004/01/24013.html also here [English] : http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2004/1103.html
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Star Trek - Bones and Jim - Contentment

Opinion about Roy Plushie Please~! ^_^


I'm making a Roy plushie as practice...

(I'm also making a LotR Faramir plushie in Coronation outfit, but I'm using real velvet, so I'd rather practice first then bungle the expensive stuff. ^^;)


I need to decide on a face.

Either EvilSmirk!Roy, or Pissed!Roy. ^_^

I made two examples....

which do you wonderful people think I should do?

(Yes, I gave the eyes a blue-grey tint. He has a dark blue tint to his eyes in the uber-closeup in the "Dog/Human Slave" sequence in Ep.13.)

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Any other suggestions are always welcome too~!

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(no subject)

On the other hand, if you don't want to buy the Ready, Steady, Go CD, or if you want to sample the various versions of the song before you buy it, then it's available via BT here!

02. READY STEADY GO(hydeless version)
03. READY STEADY GO(kenless version)
04. READY STEADY GO(tetsuless version)
05. READY STEADY GO(yukihiroless version)
Not so keen on this

FMA Housou Kyouku!

I know I didn't spell that right.... >_> Sorry...

Just thought I'd post a linky to get some of the mp3s of FMA Housou Kyouku, a radio program on Aniplex in Japan...

They're on the Oh! Naruto Nippon files found here. (Hope this doesn't eat up too much of Jen-san's bandwidth!!) She puts up new files weekly, so get this week's while you can! (If you don't like Naruto, the FMA part starts about half-way through the file)

Oh! Naruto Nippon is pretty cute too, but FMA Housou Kyouku is better by far! ^_^

Al sounds too cute for words!! Enjoy!
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I'm only generous with mp3s and opinions.

Since I'm sure there's people drifting about here who have been unable to find the FMA opening and ending singles, I uploaded them all. Don't go crazy, please, or the person I share my webspace with will eat me. ¬_¬

La la la link~

*plugs self while she's at it* I run an mp3 request site with a sad lack of requests... ¬_¬ (gomengomen if I'm not allowed to plug myself! ^^; )
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