February 1st, 2004

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Yay. art.

Nothing like taking out the anger from a bad day in open canvas... It's in geosh!ties so it may give you some trouble loading.

Hope you all like.


Oh yes. Someone offered to send me the episode raws on disc through snail mail and I wanted to thank those people who offered to send me the raws in IRC before. *bows* Sorry for all the trouble.

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Tarot card

Apologies if I babble a bit - it's 4 am and I'm running off caffeine and Parapara. ^^;

Anyway! - I'm currently making a tarot deck, and in doing research I've found a few different sources citing a variant name for 'Temperance' as 'The Alchemist'. I'm like ... wtf? I hadn't heard of that before, but, as FMA-obsessed as I currently am (^^;;) I had to look into it, since Temperance has always seemed a little ... well, more about patience than anything else. (And I can't really put Ed on a card about patience. No, I really can't. ^^;) Turns out another focus -- and really a more prominent one -- is about blending elements of one's life into something more perfect, about finding strength and stability amidst the chaos. (Essentially, balance -- something I always attributed more to Justice.)

So ... well ... I decided to go with it. Scrap the traditional concept of the woman with the water jugs, scrap the wings, scrap all of that and go for something that evokes that idea of balance, of blending.

Enough preface, I guess ... ^^;

In pencil and watercolor on paper.

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Because Ed is just too sexy for his own good...

The February 2004 issue of Newtype USA has a feature on FMA although it is not as comprehensive as the January 2004 Newtype Japan, it contains character designs and interesting commentary. I will scan and post the pictures here once I have my magazine back.

Of course the reason for my first post is to show off my horrible artwork.  Some of these are new, and some date back to a few weeks before but never posted to this community.

Ed post-shower - I just saw screencaps from Episode 17 and Ed is definitely NOT just cute there. Watercolor, finished in 30 minutes.
Kiddy Ed, Al and Winry (attempt at CG)
Group pic (sorry for the horrible coloring) with Roy, Hawkeye, Winry, Ed and Al in the background, watercolor.
Ed needs a hug - colored pencils

disconnected bt mii-chan

newbie fan fic...

Though it would be time for me to post my fan fic. first one ever. and please don't shoot me. *gets shot*
its not that good. wrote it in 45 min while waiting for the buss ^_~

Title: "In the rain"
Pairing: none, slight Ed/Roy implied
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Tagline: sometime its hard to be a kid on the outside...

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(゜ω゜) んーごくらくー
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Lots of fanart

Some 17 pieces, to be exact (unless I forgot how to count, and at this point it's possible XB), all sketchy and all Hagaren, sorted into a couple different entries because I had to scan them all at different times for your viewing ease.

General pictures
Warnings: Ed in drag AGAIN, "overcompensation," Scarlet freaking Shinra.
Ed and Roy in fantasy outfits and shameless plugging of Pink House.
Warnings: Gayness, straightness, Roy being a bad boy (basically, the usual).
Anything, anything at all, that can be construed as gay or inappropriate. There are ratings here to help, too.
Warnings: One MAYBE RoyEd thing, glove slapping, fangirls.
Cute, pointless things and bad jokes.

That's all... *floats off*
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