January 29th, 2004

touma karamochi (me! ^_^)

'Tobira no Mukou e' full version *finished!*

Hi! If anyone can help me with the (?)-parts, I'd be very helpful ^-^. Thanks also to selphish for helping with this too... *HUG* This was a lot of work, trying to look up the correct kanji, listening to the song many times, so please credit? ^-^
[EDIT - thanks to people that have been writing to me, I've been fixing different parts, but it's a work-in-process, ne? ^-^ Please be patient?]
[2ND EDIT] Finished! Thanks to everyone that helped me, including my Japanese sensei, who was nice enough to help me with a few and didn't think I was strange... ^-^

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endless sky

opinion polls

If anyone wants to make opinion polls for the election or more ads quoting what people are saying I uploaded the page that I've been using. You can find it here opinion poll Warning spoiler in one of the pictures
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Music video done

Well hehe I did promise to get the video done and it is done now ^_^ i hope you all can enjoy it and i'm sorry as it's only hosted on amv.org...but if you can't get it off that site, I'm willing to send it over a messanger or until someone i know will host it for me

here is the video


my friend has hosted the video can be found here

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