January 28th, 2004


REALLY shouldn't love the pairing this much.

More art! Wheee~

One is silly, but I'm amused. I've been learning how to draw Roy, so he dominates my margins...

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Annd the second one has been in the making for a bit, due to arm research. This is pretty much dedicated to ravenwoodiii, since it's all her fault I'm drawing such embarrassing pictures. Also, a specific phrase was repeating itself in my mind as I drew Edward's hair. Something to do with traffic accidents.

Edward is legal in the picture, but as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter, and I'm horrible. ^^; Rated, oh... based on American movies, pg-13 for nudity and what have you. Probably not work or school safe, but hey.

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Forgive me!

after seeing something similar in selphish's journal, I couldn't resist!

There are no slurs towards any side of the political race, so don't be afraid to read the fine print. XD

Edward Elric for President!  You know you want him!

Next time, I'm making a Roy poster. XD


PS- now I'm going to bed. Sorry, Becky - It hit me as I was getting offline. XDDD
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Star Trek - Bones and Jim - Contentment

Roy Fanart! ^^

I was actually done with this a day or so ago...but I've been really busy. O_o

Done to go with the Edward one I drew and posted a few days ago...

I played and experimented a bit with this one. So if it looks weird....ah well.

The funny thing I screwed up on was the ribbons. The flap looks like it buttons into them cuz I drew them too far to the left. ^^; Oops.

And I spend such time deciding the colors of the ribbons too!

(Note: ribbons are real ribbons...at least according to my old AFJROTC cadet ribbons. ^^;)

I think I gave him my rifle team ribbon....::snorts::

I think it turned out pretty well, overall. I'm wondering who I should try drawing next. ^_^


I hope everyone likes it! ^^ At least enough to laugh at it. ^_~

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icon alchemy

Icons galore

Hello, this is actually the same person who posted as HimekoKurai and put up the mini-movie icon earlier. Me and a friend named Epiphany started this journal to put up our separate and joint icon projects, so from now on I will probably post as HimekoKurai and he will probably post as Icon_Alchemy. If you want to see our icons at any time, and not miss them as these pages fall back, please bookmark us! Sorry for the shameless plug...I'm really here to put up another icon, this time a Roy one.

Public service messages rock my socks (in a cheesy way):

Comment/Credit required. And please let me know if it is better to post whenever I make an icon or, say, once every 1-2 weeks with any icons I made then. I prefer posting one at a time, but I don't want to make any trouble for this community. I don't make icons every day, so I'd think it would be okay, but....better to ask.
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Okay, with the Ed, Hughes, and Roy nominations we should start an election. Anyone else going to to do another character? If not, maybe one day you can vote whoever, and the winner if President of FMA!
endless sky

Vote armstrong

I had already scanned this picture since it was too funny and so I decided to use it for Armstrongs poster. Its just so him :)
Armstrong for Pres. Picture from Manga guide book
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All Powerful

Envy needs you!

To give him some webspace...I can't upload his banner! ;_; PLEASE HELP ME! You will be awarded with a once in lifetime chance to help out the coolest canidate in the race. Sorry if this post annoyed some people.

Edit (11:09 am) Got Hosting Soooo

Envy would like to also apologize for the misspelling of "Hetero"...Typos happen and so do the deaths of people who make them.
izaya -  chair

FMA 4 Prez!

First of all, I'm SOO SORRY billypilgrim don't hate me T.T I just wanted it to be a bit more organized T.T

Poll #240060 FMA4Prez

Vote for President!

Roy - Miniskaaatoda!
Ed - I side with the people!
Huges - At least I'm not a freak
Envy - Not to worry, I'll make ALL your worries go away
Lust - What's your trouble, darling?
Hawkeye - Don't let men do what a woman can do better (Besides I don't trust the Colonel)
Armstrong - *flexes*

Anyone else for president? (in case someone is missing)

Vote for Vice!

Hawkeye - I promise I'll make them sit and work.
Al - Ano...
Glacia - Huges darling! You forgot to wear a fresh underwear~
Lust - Don't you want to see me in secretary uniform?
Gluttony - Can I eat the president?
Armstrong - *flexes some more*

Anyone else for Vice (in case someone is missing)

Please remember WInry in your Vice list! I have forgotten!
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Gomenasai~~ since i jumped the boat (T.T i'm guilty! GUILTY!) I was thinking while the poll is running for a week, we really DO have a campeign! You know a bit of a marathon.

Thus far

Ed - One BIG poster - one small Ad
Roy - One BIG poster
Huges - One BIG poster

So it seems Ed has more ppl in his campaign (of course, since he does sides with the people)

Armstong needs one too~~ lol *cough i suck at photoshop*
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FMA music video in the works

Hi! Just giving a shout out to everyone that I've started a video, it's going to be based around Ed and the hardships he has to go through in the series so far. So to be said it will be a very angsty video, and I hopefully will have it done soon as I have had it planned out for awhile now, but when it's up i will only be able to host it on animemusicvideo.org unless I find a host for it ^^;;

so ja for now and hope you all look forward to it
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(no subject)

It's really too bad they didn't choose running mates beforehand... Otherwise, things could get dangerously close. XD

Imagine... Roy running with Ed (read: The Amusement factor); Hawkeye running with Al (read: The Sane factor); Hughes running with Armstrong (read: The Man factor)... And then Envy and Gluttony going in and attacking everyone with propaganda. WHO WOULD WIN?!

...This is all way too funny. XD *crawls back to sketchbook for more interesting post next time*
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endless sky

bring on the puns

This year in the 2004 presidental election the prefect Vice Pres for any candidate is Al Eleric. He's an expert dog handler, used to reining in peoples wilder impulses and is the voice of reason in a trubulent world.
Vote Al in 2004 and know that the world will still be here for your kids.
Al for Vice Pres

These are fun to make
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  • mhikaru

Icons, anyone?

Hika here for the obligatory newbie-lynching! FMA is an addicting little thing, isn't it? It's starting to rival (in my opinion) with Naruto and CLAMP, dear god, and personally, that frightens me...

Anyway, here's looking forward to great discussions here! Unfortunately, the only (inept) contribution I can make are these icons! (...and isn't Al is absolutely ADORABLE.. X3)

--If you wanna use these, please credit me in the keyword of the icon! Also, if there are any icon-requests, I'd be glad to take them! :3

posted to fmalchemist
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izaya -  chair

GOT a solution!

I really think that poll we had was WAAAY too early. Many people have converted over to others. (cough, Envy and Hayate for being one) SO I'm proposing, we really DO have a new election... Like a deadline. But enough so that everyone has enough fun making campaign stuff yet not before the fun dies. Anyone got a suggestion for the date for the final election??

(Please before/after Katucon would be best.)
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izaya -  chair

Jackie's gone crazy

Yes we KNEW it was gonna happen. Someone needs to put this campaign in order, I have free time, and I'm obessive FMA fan so...


So once this campaign is over (or if any of you are lost and wants some sorta map) please check out http://www.littlesalt.com/anime/fma/index.html

So far it's 4 hours of work T.T But I'm gonna update as often as possible til this election is OVA~~~
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