January 24th, 2004


Hmm~ you know.. *stares at guide-book cover*
Has any of you ever took notice of THAT ?!


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For those who ordered their tanks from Japan...
How long did it take to arrive at your location?

I figure I've got at least until the middle of February to wait on mine (I was charged for them around my birthday, the 11th), if not a little longer, but I'm still curious.
gerard - killjoys

That Ed-in-a-dress thing...

Ed is never, ever going to let me draw at 6am again.
Particularly if it's him that I'm drawing.

Sketch-only; no color (yet?)
Collapse )

Oddly I think it's one of the drawings I've done that may actually look most like him.

Ed: Except I'm in a GODDAMN DRESS! ><* ....


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white rose

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Hi. Jsut a newbie here, have been addicted to FMA for over three months ever since my friend showed me the first three episodes. May be posting some small fanficcys, if I ever get a sane idea that lets me write it out nicely.
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