January 23rd, 2004

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FMA Fic bit

My Enedo fangirlness continues (damn, it's staring to take over my Roiedo side! Someone save me... er... on second thought, nope, don't save me XD) I wrote the start of a ficcy on Enedo XD XD


Damn, I'm tired. I've been up for 22 hours and have to get up for work in three hours XD So please excuse the grammatic errors and such XD

*huggles Enedo fandom* XD XD
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Ok. I need to know where all the Envy/Ed is coming from and what happened in the manga. I must have missed the spoiler post in the community, and considering my friends and I are cosplaying as Ed, Roy and Envy and both of them are DETERMINED to make me prance around with a leash, I feel like I have the right to know where Ed/Envy is coming from (that and I'm a spoiler slut). So if ANYONE is willing to PLEASE either tell me which post it was, or tell me what happened/is happening or give me pretty scans (or tell me which volume of the manga it is so I can buy it when I go back to NYC), I'd be IMMENSELY grateful. Arigatougozaimasu minna-san!
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fic: slash: gluttony/al (!!??@!)


Okay, so I hesitated and vacillated and all the rest about posting a heads-up about this...I mean, I don't usually like to post utter wrongness before I lull folks into a false sense of security without having something nice to make up for it, but...eh. Expect long, drawn-out smut in the next couple of days as my belated apology. Heh.

In the meantime:

PG for m/m WTF?!, Gluttony/Al slash, possible implied Envy/Ed

It's all totally implied and, uh, I was dared--I mean challenged! yeah!--so it's not my fault. Really.

*shame* Heh...

I love these two more than is healthy...

It's me again! I decided to draw in solid anime-style this time. ^_^; It's so hard not to squish their heads. But I like it! I LOVE the style.

Anyway, this is halfway based on an RP in which someone else, playing Roy, jumped Ed. In a Roy-way. I rather like people getting flirted with from behind. :3

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Newbie (with gifts!)

Hiiii! *waves* Just joined here, but have been addicted to Hagaren since roughly mid November 03. Favourite character is Roy, favourite pairing is Roy/Ed. I'll probably spend most of my time here lurking... ^^;;;

Was wondering if you people know about the Hagaren Perfect Guide Book... I just picked up a copy at Kinokuniya (biggggg bookstore over here in Singapore). Well, if you didn't know about it, now you know. ^_^ It's about manga sized, and there aren't many colour pages... White and minty green spine, chibi picture of the cast on the front.. It's more of an information overload and quiz sorta thing... By the way, this month's furoku (gift item) for Animage Feb is a really, really nice divided clear file of Ed and Al, and a Saiyuki Reload box, if any of you are interested.

I tried translating some pages from the Hagaren perfect guide book... They're up on my LJ, over here. The Roy pages and the full names of the military personnel...

Well, I'll be seeing you all around then! ^_^ *waves*
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Colored in photoshop, no tablet this time. I started this a while ago but never bothered to finish it due to lack of decent reference for the automail leg... have it now. This was more an experiment in drawing the automail than it was a character piece; Ed actually seems *far* too calm here.

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Yes, so I finally did an FMA fic which I think is almost worthy of being considered by other people. It is, as the title says, a day at (Roy's) office.

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This is for Meia, as an apology for scarring her mind by pointing her to the Gluttony/whoever stuff.
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Help needed with calendar... *_*

Uh... just wondering, can anyone with the hagaren 2004 calendar be kind enough to check up the isbn no. for me? ^^;; Is hoping to go to the local bookshop and check if they have any surplus, but I'm not sure of the isbn so....

any kind souls out there? =D

And meanwhile... my offering to the hagaren altar... supposed to be in honour of paku-sama's birthday, and I know it's more than 24 hours ago, but ah wells... ._. Anyways... here it is. I know it's not fantastic like many artists out there, but hey, the true fangirl must have the undying spirit!!
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(no subject)

Greetings minna! Happy Lunar New Year to all! <3 In light of the season (and the oh-so-fortunate circumstances.. uhuhu..), I've written a Royed fic.

Warning. Heavy AU, and possible OOC. Any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy. ^^

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