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22 January 2004 @ 01:59 am
Er, hi. *waves*
Just joined this community. Is more a lurker than a poster. To cut the long story short, after hearing some friends rave about Fullmetal Alchemist for weeks, I finally sat through a hagaren marathon, and got brought into hagaren fandom. RoyxEd!!! *fangirls*
Pardon me. *cough*
Erm, I was wondering if anyone knew where to find the manga, and/or translations/scanlations of it. Thanks. *bows*
22 January 2004 @ 02:20 am
Wow so many posts and so many fanart, will go through them later today ^^

So yeah, here's more - ALL ARE PORTRAITS (except for the last gag ones, with Hawkeye and Roy). Sketched straight with markers, and all are SAFE TO CLICK (to deviantart) -

1. Portrait of HAWKEYE

2. Portrait of MUSTANG

3. Portrait of HUGHES

4. ED, Topview.. or from Roy's POV, or Armstrong's POV.. wait, if it's Armstrong's POV then Ed-kun would be up close and squish-.. right, will stop rambling.
No, it's not a joke about Ed's height at all.

5. THE FLAME ALCHEMIST MAKES HIMSELF USEFUL.. kind of continued from ROY'S INCOMPETENCE, but not really.

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22 January 2004 @ 03:02 am
I've fallen in love with this show. (*cuddles beckymarie for getting me addicted*)

And I'm loving all the real wonderful fanfics and fanart out there I'm finding on this Community *___* I hope you don't mind, but I'm adding another fanart piece:

Maybe angsty Roy/Ed if you look at it that way, or touchy-gen. Ed's face kinda turned out awkward, I think. He's supposed to be laughing, but not really.

¬_¬ I'd love anyone if they could, er, possibly write fanfic with a similar scene somewhere...
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22 January 2004 @ 08:42 am
Same icon actually, one black, one white, both the sigil on the back of Ed's cape.

For those wanting to make wallpapers, or icons of their own, I'm making the cleaned-up copy of the sigil I cropped out of the scanslations available.
original sigilCollapse )

Give credit where credit is due people, but otherwise feel free to grab.

Crossposted to churchofedward & fmalchemist
Living Life Frame by Frame
22 January 2004 @ 08:46 am
Hello there. I thought I should introduce myself, since I've been lurking here, testing the waters, for about a week.

I just recently got into FMA. A friend of mine had showed me the first episode last semester, but since I had so little time between work and classes, I never really continued it. Well, now that it's Jan Term, and I have all the time in the world (or so it seems sometimes, erroneously) I've been catching up with the series. I'm a huge Roy/ Ed fan in just this short period of time. I sympathize with Ed's shortness, as I myself am only 4'11", and frequently get used as an elbow rest for my taller friends.

Anyway, just saying hello!
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22 January 2004 @ 12:03 pm
First of all, I would like to sincerely welcome all the self-proclaimed newbies into the fandom. It’s always nice to see enthusiastic fans join a community...

But over the last few days I have been seeing a trend and it’s been bothering me...

Some general information about anime fandomCollapse )
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War Dove
22 January 2004 @ 12:15 pm
For the last two days I've been combing japanese web rings in search of some Ed/Winry and Roy/Hawkeye art.

I've come across a few, promoting both couples but are sharing the links of the two best sites, IMO.

LinksCollapse )
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Living Life Frame by Frame
22 January 2004 @ 12:30 pm
When I downloaded these icons, I forgot to attach the maker's name to them before saving them, and now I want to use them. Can anyone direct me to the person who made these icons, or if you yourself made them, may I use them? Thank you in advance.

The icons...Collapse )
22 January 2004 @ 02:49 pm


I'll try to introduce myself in good english x_X. A friend forced me to watch FMA with him but then i liked it from the beginning. My favorit pairings are Roy/Ed and Envy/Ed (Now im trying to get Yaoi Doujinshi with them *g*). Maybe I'll buy the Manga when I come to the japanese bookstore again... but in the moment my aim is to get the Trading Art and Gashapon Figures *_*

Do you like Scans from the Animage 01/04 FMA Special ? (the description of the first view episodes and some pictures).

Shinigami the Evil Yaoi Fangirl ^_~

here is a FMA Wallpaper and an edited Screenshot for you, hope you like it ^^

22 January 2004 @ 03:09 pm
Hey all, I'm new to the community. I've just opened up Applications to my FMA RPG,centralcity , and was wonder if anyone was interested in playing. (I kinda need players -_-;; )


Edit (8:37 pm): Thank you everyone who commented! Just would like to point out that if you want someone, comment on the club so I don't have to pick who gets who. IT REALLY feels bad when I have to let someone down. Still plenty of people open.

Taken RolesCollapse )
22 January 2004 @ 04:09 pm
A little sketch I did just now. To be cleaned up and then colored later.

Ed fanart withinCollapse )
22 January 2004 @ 04:33 pm
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but January's Newtype(japanese) comes with a really nice FMA pencilboard of Edward, FMA cover and lots of pictures from the series. I would post scans of it except I don't have access to a scanner. Copies of it might still be available online or elsewhere since I picked mine up at Nikaku's in San Jose,CA today.
22 January 2004 @ 04:40 pm
Has there been any word of when an FMA OST is going to be released? This music is so very good. *_*
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Aya Brea (Joyce)
22 January 2004 @ 05:15 pm
Spoiler! Stop reading if you don't like to get spoiled!

Well... it's more of a theory O_o

I was wondering why Ed looked closely at the Furher's secretary... like he recognized her or something. When I rewatched the flash back bits in the anime, I kind of thought they looked alike, but passed that off a bit as a result of recycling designs in characters, but when Al said "I just heard mom's voice" in episode 15, I'm sure that woman has something to do with their mom... not sure why, of course, but surely I'm not the only one who is driven to the brink of insanity with this conspiracy theory O_o I mean, the Furher's secretary randomly resembles their mom? HMMMM maybe the Furher knows more than he's letting on?

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Anrui Ukimi
22 January 2004 @ 07:27 pm
I was feeling quite inspired, so I turned this out over about a 4-5 hour span.

This time around, I didn't bother trying to draw Edward anywhere near the FMA style, I drew him in my style.

Meaning slightly more realistic. ^_^

And I even took a crack at the arm! ^^;

I was originally going to leave it B&W, but after the scanner kept making the drawing look odd, I went back and spent an hour or two coloring it. ^^;

I REALLY like how this turned out. I hope most of you agree with me! ^_~

Edward Under here!Collapse )
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22 January 2004 @ 07:54 pm
Uh... another newbie post. (they're not yet taking over the world... I think.)

A little bit about me... I'm one of those who started (closet) fangirling ever since tyworld released chap1 of the manga... I've read most of the manga to date (the unscanslated bits), and I watch the anime (duh). Will provide spoilered episode summaries if anyone would like them. (and i promise to beat the fansub groups at it! =D) My fave chara is edo, I love him to bits, and he is NOT short!! *cries buckets of tears at that thought* *gets shot*

And uh... I promise to present some fanart to the hagaren altar soon. *_* kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaitashima--su! m(_ _)m
Rukawa GF
22 January 2004 @ 08:17 pm
the usual, "Hi! I joined the community!" Erm i'm terribly behind, i watched all anime availble and all toriyamaworld FMA manga, so I'm no where up-to-date with the newest chapter of FMA in Japan BUT Hope to get to know you all. ^^
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22 January 2004 @ 08:27 pm
Another Roy and Hughes fic, post ep 15, in six parts

General Warnings:
Angst, Lemons (Roy/Hughes in part 3, Hughes/Roy in part 5), small spoilers for ep 15 and 3.

Two to be Steady

I have to say, Hughes is just as demanding a character as Roy, for all he's sweeter about it.
Rukawa GF
22 January 2004 @ 08:56 pm
Park Romi, or Paku Romi, the amazing voice of Ed IS KOREAN!!!!!

I personally know that Paku is the japanese way to pronounce "Park" a korean last name.... so i'm guessing maybe Park Romi is 2nd or more generation korean japanese.

Here is the Japanese site that I went that has a decent listing of Park Romi thus far: http://sdb.noppo.com/romi_p.htm - acoording to it, they describe her as "韓国語" which means Korean (language) so i'm guessing she can speak/write Korean.

It's really really rare for a non japanese to be a seiyuu. Well! Looks like Americans CAN go to Japan and become seiyuu for those of you who truly dream of it ^^
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22 January 2004 @ 08:58 pm

Have fun ^_~





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Luna Hoshino
22 January 2004 @ 09:09 pm
... I noticed in the credits of 15 that Ryoutarou Okiayu is the voice of Scar. Just thought that fellow seiyuu buffs might like to know that little tidbit. ^_^