January 21st, 2004

Pissy Manga Sanzo

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I am silly. There's no way around that.

Episode 13 just begs for countless icons, doesn't it? So, here's another, that took me far too long to do, and kept me from finishing my student loan application. XD

If you take, credit. You know the drill. ^_^
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...I'm sorry to all the Hawkeye/Roy people, but upon reading chapter seven of the manga, Hawkeye is officially too cool for Roy, in my book. And hi, I <3 you all, and I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the Edindrag conspiracy. I swear the kicking and screaming was not just for show. At all. *innocent*
I Fucked a Mermaid

So, aside from being a Hughes fan,

I was wondering if there are any Armstrong fans out there? I have to say, I was rather blown away by his entrance in the anime...he seems like he's really strong and pretty cool. XD The...flexing thing is a little odd, but I got a kick out of him in 14 and 15.

So, am I the only Armstrong fan..? *waves little Armstrong fan with The Sparklies on it*

Cause if so I can always just devote all my time to being a huge Hughes fanboy. XD

"you wanna see a photo of my daughter?!"

hey ya'll.
i just did a pic of hughes and scanned it...
^_^;; but i don't have any (decent) exp. in photoshop, illustrator, or painter/opencanvas
(i know the programs, i just have horrid techniques).

does anyone have any good tutorials? i wanted to make him look prettymous.
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Kino Smile

More Enedo Rantings/Doodles

Manga Spoilers Galore, peoples XD

Yes, Envy should definitely go visit Ed in the hospital, that would be most excellent. Of course, my take is that Edo would be full of joy to see Envy XD hence this partial doodle comic thing

Fan Doodle (at DA)

LOL Oh that would be hilarious XD

oooo, now I really want to write a ficcy with them reuniting at the hosptial, and consequently, Envy carrying Ed off to do something EVIL XD XD

Roy: *sniffles*

Oh, posh, Roy, go play with Hughes.
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A Winly Fic!

Ep 15 (which was AMAZING! GAH!!! FMA IS A SOUL STEALER!) had me thinking about poor Winly, and since everyone has done Roy!angst, I decided to go for the Winly!angst because she's cool, and I like her, and not a lot of people have written about her. The link goes to my journal, so I guess this would be considered a cross post? *shrugs* Enjoy!

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  • amei

of introductions and fanworks.

amei here. I like acetone, toilet paper, and minties. I also like Full Metal Alchemist. Nice to meet you, peace, dudes. I also draw fanart, I suppose, when the mood takes me on, which is all the time these days.

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Linked out for the extremely sensitive-minded; due implied [slash], [yaoi], [not-het]. Roy & Ed. Whatever"

Thus concludes my spiel of fanscrap. Aloha, all, indeed.
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oC is the eviiil~ (enedo again.. what else.. by piyo ..ha ?)

xD; Nah actually it's not. *squeeze*

Okay ekkusu_no_aya , you said something about Ed jumping him like a puppy~~GWAHAAHA~
That cracked me up. xD
Unfortunately it cracked me up SO BAD that I couldn't draw it because I was laughing all the time.. x3;
So in the meaning of puppy Ed who I was not able do draw (yet!).. comes a really quick oC-doodle. xD;;
(lot of mistakes I was to lazy to correct.. hope you'll enjoy anyways.. x3;; )

+ The enedo stuff I usually draw is far far away from that level of sweetness.. xD;; So I'm not good with stuff like that. haha..

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super serious arting

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*waves* i've been a looooong time lurker, and am now offering stuff.

first off icons:
01. 02. 03. 04.
( the rest over here )

and secondly, those with paid accounts, i made two mood sets that are free to use. one for the anime and one for the manga. both are edward centric. 8D

thats all i have for you people, enjoy! 83
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