January 20th, 2004

gerard - killjoys

I can smell the photoshoppin'.

Hi. ^^;

I did like the way that one of the pictures from my friend's photoshoot turned out; unfortunately, I'd had to take off my gloves to fold the paper crane properly (it was really *hard* with gloves on!) ... so I did some photoshop experimentation. I think it still looks a little ... well, obviously photoshopped, but ... well. ^^;

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Full Ready Steady Go update...

My dear friend, hopetofly, found the album version of Ready Steady Go on Soulseek this morning and started downloading it. I don't think it's finished, but I shall yell at her if she deletes the partial. :3 It was actually pretty cool sounding. I can't wait until it finishes. Which it will, even if I have to sacrifice a small animal on an altar and dedicate it to the gods of her computer.
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an alphonse fanlisting!

    Trust me to post a plug for my first delurking. ._.;; I had a fanart of Ed to share... but I just realized that I'd left it at school. I blame exams for making me so absentminded! >_>;

    Anyway~ I've just created a fanlisting for Al. Please take a look and consider joining! You know he needs the love~~

    (Or maybe he doesn't, but.. yes. Moving on.)

    Sympathy: the Alphonse Elric fanlisting
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I now have the mp3 to the full FMA 2nd OP. Could someone put it up somewhere? I can't put it up on my webspace, it's sorta borrowed...

If anyone wants it, IM me at EvilSockWoman and I'll send it. ^_^

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Yay~ enedo !! xD~

Haha~ Cool someone mentioned !!
And I thought everyone here was all crazy about Roy and Ed.. x3;

Well SORRY~ Ed is taken !! xD *has proof !!* Here Ed~ go show them who you loooove~

Aww~ what a good boy. xD *drools~*

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As I wait for the next day I can feed my chocobo...

Okay, I wasn't paying attention in astronomy today. >_>; Instead, I drew! Yaaay. I wish this was shaded, but oh well.

This was on a whim. In all the Roy/Ed or Ed/Roy fanart pictures I've ever seen, it's been either one smirking or the other. One with a smile, if there was one, in a romantic situation. Well! I asked them what was up with that, and after a while, I finally got this out of them - will they explain? NO. Unhelpful bastards. They won't even tell me if Ed's completely naked. No love, no love at all.

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Note to self, draw real fanart not in margin of astronomy notes. ^^;;
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Yay! I have access to a scanner now, so I scanned and colored some of my FMA fanart. (These are two of the best, I think; it seems lately all I've been drawing is FMA fanart, which could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it and whether or not you're my illustration teacher. >>;)

Anyway, the first, drawn during a lecture last Monday:

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And the second (for now), drawn during my lecture this morning:

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who likes drawing ed. ^^;
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  • vikki

Roy forced me to~~~

As revenge for letting Ed kill him, however briefly, Roy is forcing me to write a fic with only one(1) mention of Edward in it, and only peripherally. It's very short, and has heavy FMA 15 spoilers, and is angsty.


In which we learn a little bit about the Colonel's personality. Gen, heavy ep 15 spoilers (in case you didn't see the first time. ^^;; )

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