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19 January 2004 @ 12:29 am

Talk about good timing on the TW release in regards to the anime, obvious changes and whatnot aside. I was watching the RAW of 15. That was a fairly good episode, although I think I prefer the sequencing of the manga over the anime for this one.

Still, it was a good episode. Although there's this one part... Marco's AdmissionCollapse )
19 January 2004 @ 01:05 am
Title: Reflection
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama/Angst/Character introspection
Characters: Roy Mustang, with cameos from Doctor Marco, Edward Elric, Hughes, and one original character for plot purposes.
Comments: I shouldn't have watched FMA 15. Roy has clamped onto my brain. amei needs to be thwapped for bombarding me with Roy fanart.
Please note: I've only watched FMA 15 in raw, so if the Marco - Roy dialogue is wrong, please forgive me. I tried to get at least the gist of what they were saying, and I think it works. If it turns out I'm completely wrong, then I'll edit this.

Reflection - by Leareth
pretty much the nostalgia chick
19 January 2004 @ 02:26 am
Everyone is reading "Situation Normal" right now, I'm sure - and that's an excellent idea, because it's a good story. :) Anyway, it inspired this counterpiece - because I've been dying to attempt Ed/Winly, anyway.

Title: What Love is
Author: vikki
Type: het, with the usual angst; Ed/Winly, and Al/Winly.
Rating: G
Summary: I don't think I can say anything without giving away the whole fic. ^^;;;

She's here, and very, very short.

Thank you for reading, and for reading other previous fics,
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19 January 2004 @ 04:16 am
So there I am, taking caps of the 15th episode, and I just see this one part that, I don't know, begged to be made into a background.

And a really bad one at that! The flaw of it is pretty obvious to me, since I put it together! Oh well. This is it here.
GENRE: GAG. Safe to click.

After reading Full Metal Alchemist manga tanks 1-6, just had to sketch this - ROY'S INCOMPETENCE #152933, inspired by the manga-ka. XD okay, it's not even that funny but just had to get it out of my system (HawkeyeRoy <333). Will draw "proper" fanart another time heh. Cheers!
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19 January 2004 @ 10:58 am
This is officially known as "The Roy's Worst Case Scenerio Fic". AU.

Change the WorldCollapse )

HOW did I end up with this damn rabbit? >____<;;;;;;; Comments, rabbit food, etc, all gratefully accepted.
19 January 2004 @ 12:07 pm
Since it seems to be Posting Day, I'll hop on board, too. Roy angst, with sweetness to make it bite.

Angst, PG-13, character death, THE spoiler (vol 4, the evil one). Edit: AU

Gone The Sun
19 January 2004 @ 12:37 pm
So, was in Tokyo this weekend for the first ever Animeexpo Tokyo...which happened to include an FMA special event. Not sure if anyone's actually interested...though I'd give a quick run down...

Present were both Paku Romi (Ed's seiyuu) Rie Ka-something (Al's seiyuu, so totally blanking on last name...probably due to lack of sleep...drive from Tokyo back to Kyoto was faaar to long) the director and one of the main storyboard/writers. Also Yellow Generation, who sang the new closing song (gave their first live performance of it) also, the band is apparently fans of the anime/manga and were very excited to write a song for the show and then actually get to see images put to it (one said her fav. part was the snow flakes part)

Paku-san and Rie- san were SO ADORABLE...and OMG Al's voice is high pitched! so squeaky...and they were both very bouncy, especially Paku, she kept jumping up from her seat and making side comments constantly.

Also, the director said something about a very humorous ep coming up at some point...but that it didn't have Ed or Al in it? This also surprised the two seiyuu,who flipped out...was amusing :)...

Anyway, that's a bit of news...oh, and randomly, not really my cup of tea,but OMG the sheer number of FMA dj, especially Roy/Ed is incredible!
Anrui Ukimi
Ola! I'm a lurker delurking to post probably the first fanart I've drawn in 6 months.


Inspired and drawn based on ciceqi's wonderful fic "Situation Normal", character art aided by my Dec Newtype. ^^

My art style is not even similar to FMA style art, but I made a effort to make everyone recognizable. ^_^;

This is a blatant messy sketch....I'll finish it (ink/maybe color) if anyone wants me to. ^_~

Originally was just gonna be "Knockout" Ed, branched out to Roy & Co. :P

Art In Here~!Collapse )
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The Fallen Emperor & The Loyal Knight
19 January 2004 @ 05:25 pm
ah I've been a lurker since about the time the community started but i'm finally coming out to show you some icons i have made, hopefully they will show up cause my site does tend to hate me sometimes

only two for now....

hope you enjoy
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19 January 2004 @ 05:48 pm
*explodes* I come bearing a gift!

In the light of all the RoyxEd-ness (uhuhuhu.), I have drawn a fanart! Yay! I don't know whether it's big or not, so I'll LJ-cut it.

And beware of the yaoi. <3

RoyxEd-nessCollapse )

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19 January 2004 @ 06:08 pm
As of ep 15...in the flashbacks, Roy was a Second Lieutenant...I double checked his ensignia...

pointless bit of info
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býk ryba, býk vták
19 January 2004 @ 07:30 pm
Uuh, pointless question that has probably already been asked but that I haven't payed attention to >.>;;
That guy in ep 15, with the ponytail and wicked cackle who was one of the Alchemists at Ishbal? Who the heck is he? 'Cause he scares me. Is he important or just there to creep us all out?

Just wondering.
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19 January 2004 @ 07:48 pm
Did anyone else find that the AF-F subbed episode 15 had *horrible* quality? It was really messed up; it was hard to read the subs, and there were random boxes of colour everywhere. I actually managed to get through the whole episode squinting *was too stubborn* XD I don't think there's a codec problem as I've downloaded from AF-F before and nothing like this has happened. >_> Ah well..if it *is* a codec problem, somebody please tell me. ^^;

And download AKeep and ANBU version unless you can't wait (like me ). ^^;
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Anrui Ukimi
Inked HappihappinessCollapse )
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19 January 2004 @ 09:26 pm
heh, just some things I've noticed XD

1. Roy's getting hotter as he's aging +___+
2. Ishvarites have brown skin and red eyes... The episode seemed like they were trying to show the viewers that the Iron blood alchemist also had brown skin and red eyes. (seemed like they were zooming in on his eyes and such)
pretty much the nostalgia chick
19 January 2004 @ 11:29 pm
Another character death fic! ^___^;;; Well ... this one is silly.

Written for the sake of Ed's sanity:

The Day Colonel Mustang Died

An omake. No warnings, except that at the end there's a short character discussion about yaoi (no actual yaoi contained therein).

Please enjoy,
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pretty much the nostalgia chick
19 January 2004 @ 11:52 pm
I keep seeing references to Hughes' statement in ep 14 that Roy was 'demoted'.

But, I ask you, was he actually demoted?

Please remember: in episode 9, Roy is informed that he is going to become a Colonel, and be moved to East City. Now, the actual rank is moving up (Lt. Colonel to Colonel), but being removed from Central City is a 'demotion' in Roy's words - a suggestion that they are moving him away from the center of power, the place where all the action is.

The man informing Roy of his promotion/demotion argues that no, this is a promotion. He sees it as both a promotion of actual rank as well as governmental role, because Roy will now be expected to bring the troublesome East to the hand of the military. And with Edward Elric under his command, Roy ruthlessly does so. :)

Now, that happened 3 years ago in the current anime arc - the same time frame Hughes gives for the 'demotion'. Personally, I think that Hughes always agreed with Roy viewing the promotion/demotion as a demotion, and is merely referring back to when Roy was shipped off to East City.

So, real demotion of rank? I don't think so. Demotion in terms of power? Possibly. ^__^;;

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