January 18th, 2004


Just a funny idea I thought I'd share. Me and emukatze were joking about how Ed can't tell the difference between a man and a woman (as seen in episode 10 with Psiren -- "Omfg, you're a woman!! o_O"). Going with the Ed-In-Drag Challenge thingy, it'd be funny if poor Ed were female this entire time and never realised it. XD

Anyway, I thought it was humorous.

Desperate fangirl going insane

I told myself I'd just wait this out, but I can't. Because it is FMA and it's now driving me insane. TW ISN'T WORKING FOR ME!!! Could someone, ANYONE, Pleas please please send me chapter 7 and 8?! I even reduced myself to going on mIRC, but I can't find them either... And it's just coming to this point that I will start tearing my hair out. Thank you! *waves merrily with a strained smile while glaring daggers at evil internet*
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Song suggestion ^_^

'Lo, everyone!

I've decided to stop lurking and suggest a song to everyone. Live - Rivertown. I'm planning a music video in tribute to Ed.

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Please, download it and listen. It's an excellent song, and suits Edward nicely. I hope to do him and the song justice. ^_^
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the manga

ok well most of us dont like to wait for TW to do the manga, although i have been doing ti faster since the manga has come out. So my question why dont we form a group to do our own scanslations of it? if i had any of the money i'd buy some volumes to scan for you guys, but i think this will be better than waiting for TW.
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fic: roy/ed, al/winry, hooray

Yes! *punches air* It's finally done. Well, okay, it's still kind of a draft, and I'll put it up on my site when I have time to tinker with it, and no, it has nothing to do with the questions I was asking earlier. This is bribefic for nekokoban for sending me the Perfect Guide, actually. *grins*

So--it's barely PG, of questionable humor, slash and het (or yaoi and het if you prefer), and it's somewhat long, so there are three links to three parts. And, like I said, it's a draft.

Situation Normal

Hope you enjoy!
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Just an idea for this place

I was thinking that this community was more or less like an open discussion about the anime and such. I know there has been a situation like this in the Naruto community I'm in and had offered this up before and ppl actually liked the idea AND did something about it.

Since LJ is now free to the public, why doesn't someone create a FMA yaoi community, that wall all yaoi fanart, icons, and fics can go in there?

Its just something to think about and its not going to hurt anyone to make one. I won't do it cause its not my bag, I'd rather let someone who loves that genre do so.

Am I talking out of my ass, am I wrong for wanting someone to create it or is it a decent thing to do? Or what? Don't be scared to step up to the bat and create a place for it. It would also keep a sense of balance and not offend ppl who aren't fans of the yaoi persuasion ESPECIALLY when ppl don't label things regardless (even though, yes I know some do, but some don't). I just don't want ppl to be flamed or told off just cause someone likes something and someone doesn't.
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EdxWinry Please

I am probably the one of the few fans, if not the only fan, of the pairing Edward/Winry.

So is there any fics or fan art out there with those two being paired as a couple?

I'm a fan fic writer and should really write some EdxWinry fics myself, and I may, but until then, I was just wondering if people knew of any place to find them.

Thanks ^_^
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(no subject)

Finally got to see episode 14. *whaps brother who wanted to use up bandwith* Question: Is it just me, or is it when you see Scar's brother, that woman sitting next to him looks like Lust? The hair's too dark to be Ed & Al's mother...
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New Website

I made a FMA website (which I just put online a little earlier) and just wanted to advertise. ^_^

Equivalent Trade -- A Fullmetal Alchemist Fan-Fiction Archive

There really isn't any content yet, since I just made it on an urge today, but hopefully I'll get content on there sometime this week. ^_^

To all the FMA authors: please send me your fics to archive on the site. Or if you've already posted a fic to this community, can I have permission to archive your fics? Thanks.

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Pissy Manga Sanzo

(no subject)

Since everyone's so...on edge today...here's something I hope will lighten the mood a bit. ^_^;;

I just got my new tablet, and have gone absolutely crazy today. I've never drawn so much in one day, ever! Unfortunately...this is a result of that madness. ^_^;

It's based on one of the four-panel comics at the end of chapter 8, so if that's considered a spoiler...um...don't look. But, since the pic is big (pixel-wise, not filesize-wise), I'll put it behind a cut.

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