January 15th, 2004

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This is pretty much totally random, and not that well-written, IMO. But just because the world needs a little more het:


Just a shortfic about Ed, from Winly's POV. It has some very light Ed/Winly hints.

Thanks for reading,
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One of the comments on Vikki's latest story made me wonder about something.

Do we have any canon information on whether automail can give sensory feedback? There has to be some nerve connection in order for it to be moved. Does that nerve feedback extend to, say, pressure sensitivity? Does the mangaka ever tell us?

By interpolation I'm a bit inclined to think there must be some. Ed fights using that arm, which implies a degree of kinesthetic sensitivity considering the hand-to-hand style his and Al's sensei apparently taught them. But, of course, official explanations often have a logic all their own.

Anyone know?
Castiel - BAMFwalk
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And now, for a little dosage of smut.

ravenwoodiii went and wrote about Roy bending Ed over his desk and having wanton sex with him. That was the story that initially gave me the urge to write this - that, and a lot of encouragement on beckymarie's part.

And so, without futher ado:

return: In which Edward gets bent over a couch. Do not click unless you are 18 or older - this is nothing but shameless, pure smut. And be forewarned! There is a dosage of reluctant-uke in this fic. Be your own judge.

Thanks for reading,
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Kino Smile


Hi hi everyone! Recently got into FMA with a help of a friend and a high speed connection WHEEE! I read the manga before (on TW) but didn't think much about it since the translation was moving sooo slowly. Then my friend sent me four eps on a CD and I was hooked ^_^

I was surprised such a good series had such a small fanbase. There are practically no american sites listed on google, and I could only find the Japanese sites since I looked at the links someone posted in one of their posts. O_o How long has the manga series been around?

As part of my unlurking, here is the first piece of fanart I did for the series. Please excuse the fact that it's not screentoned/colored/shaded, I'm having a bit of computer issues *sob* I can only scan in line art, I can't print out copies and I don't dare to shade/color on the original. Sob. Oh yes, I know the coat is too long in the back XD XD my bad.

Edward Elric is the epitome of...

DA has no direct linking, so I'm posting the page it's on.

Looking forward to many fun conversations about stuff ^_^ And I really like everyone's art and ficcys (Go Roy/Ed smut fics XD XD)
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I don't mean to be a nuisance to anyone, but I've been asked to ask around here if anyone's got any FMA manga scans of more recent volumes (can't specify which one, sorry, but any that've come out lately), or would have any idea where to find some (would buy them herself but is currently unable to. cheap -_-;;) And yeah, I've been to Toriyama World. No luck. Anyway, any help is appreciated.
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Winly or Winry???

*comes out of hiding* Ehehehe. I've been lurking for some time now. I'm one of those [possessed] Ed-fangirls who would not hesitate to put him in a dress... *cackles*

I got obsessed with FMA after watching a few episodes on TV, and yes, I do live in Japan. (I'm not Japanese, BTW.) I own all of the FMA volumes out so far + the Perfect Guide and I've kind of been wondering...

In the manga, under her picture, it says her name is "Winry Rockbell." If you've d-loaded TW's 5th chapter you can see it there. And since lots of people are calling her "Winly" I'm kind of wondering...

Thanx in advance~

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can anyone take a screencap of the first and second Ed, Al, and Winry flashback from the new ending theme? XD; I'm planning to make a layout, and dad deleted everything on my computer including the power DVD thing, which I used to screencap things x__x; Be really helpful if they were pretty big ^__^;

thank youuu XD
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Fic: Relaxed (Roy/Ed)

Cyclical blame: if vikki had not written couch-smut the comments would not have inspired me to this smut. Maybe she'll do the car-smut, now, and we can go round again. *giggles helplessly*

Quick, utterly plotless smut. For Kira and Anrui, of course. The National Library thing. Not a desk, not a chair, half way in between.

Part of Circumstances
PWP in a big way, lemon (Roy/Ed), NC-17