January 14th, 2004

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And now for something a little different.

For a slight change in pace, I now offer up a fic about Roy and Al. No, not that way! XD No; a story about when Al talks to Roy about his relationship to Ed. Presumes a sexual relationship between Ed and Roy, but that's as explicit as it gets.

Roy and Al talk

Title: Therapy
Summary: Al talks to Roy and promises are extracted. PG/PG-13 for references to sexual relationships.

Pissy Manga Sanzo

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I started this without thinking... :T

Has anyone made an FMA fan archive? We've got some great stuff coming through here, and my thoughts were there should be a central place for all of it. So I started building...but didn't even think to see if it'd already been done before.

So...is there a central general FMA site for fanart and fanfiction? If so, I'll go ahead and stop building mine. ^_^;
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Fic: Gift (Ed/Roy)

And I think this is the end of Circumstances. At least no other bits of it are screaming to be written right this very instant. *casts look of trepidation over shoulder*

I strongly recommend reading "Enough" before reading this; some of the back-references won't make sense otherwise.

End (maybe) of the Circumstances arc
Part One: Plot developments, Angst, PG
Part Two: Lemon (Ed/Roy), NC-17

Particularly for anruik and kira_y, who were so encouraging.

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hello and questions

I'm here because lazulisong is an evil, evil person. Which is, of course, why we luv her. I write, and ordinarily I'd say hello with fic, but...yeah, the DVD came with the complimentary Bunny Package, but some joker filled it with Epic!Bunnies rather than the expected RandomSmut! and Humor!Bunnies. *curses at length* And so far I've seen the scanlations and the first 13 eppies, am downloading the 14th, and won't be able to pick up my tanks until Tuesday. (Which won't really be much help, as my translation skills are as pathetic as an overabundance of language dictionaries will allow...) And I have a four-day weekend between then and now to do nothing but write.

Sooooo...I'm here to beg and whine for canon help. *big eyes*
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another introduction post ^^;


I'm hikari; I've been lurking for a while now. Really enjoying the excellent fic and pix people have been posting, too. Been watching FMA since episode three or so. And I love everyone. XD

I like to make things; I also do some art, but my scanner's broken right now so I'm unfortunately unable to share my fanart. But the pictures are finally in from a 'cosplay-party' that my friend held so I am able to share photos of my Ed cosplay. ^^;

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I'm also currently in the process of making one of the military uniforms, since I think they look pretty cool. ^^; I'll post pix of that here, too, once it's done.


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uhm...hi XD *sabber*

Hi everyone~ We are two nice and innocent *aheem* girls from Europe and a...little...*cough* okay VERY obsessed with everything FMA.
So we thought it would be nice to join this community with our shared livejounal. But be aware, over time we developed a rather _special_ kind of humor...
But don't be scared of us...actually we're rather nice people XP. Who just happen to stroll away a little from the usual fandom. ( But as a tribute to it...WE LOVE EDWARD !! HEY HEY *cheers* )
( [agnes]: our true pairing taste will reveal later...maybe )

Oh.. and I am Piyo 1/2 of the euroteasisters.. xD
*passes mic to sistaaa*

So now it's Agnes ( yes, as Piyo mentioned, we have shared LJ ). And I'll be the one to have pleasure (?) of introducing you to the most special FMA couple anyone could think of. Just for your amusement.
( first, click on your own responsibility. 2nd, we drawn it early in the morning with a bad hangover, so don't think of it too seriously. Long life to Open Canvas, btw! )

miniskirt proposal ( no, not roiedo )

Next time we'll try to come up with something normal XDD.
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Preview to ep15 @_@

.. can't cope with the suspense anymore (and can't wait for the manga tanks to arrive either), would anyone care to offer some spoilers from the manga please?
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Thanks in advance.

Lastly, here's a raw markers quick sketch of ROY upon watching the preview to ep15.