January 11th, 2004

until the joy drops

First post ^^;

I figured we'd all get a kick out of this and this.

*shoves fangirl part of self back under desk* I'll post all the FMA icons I've made so far in my next post here! ^_^;
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Request from Icon Makers!!!

Can one of our kick ass icon makers that we have on the community do me a huuuuuuuuuuge favor?

I am dying for an motion icon with Roy Mustang from the second OP (he is sooooooo the sex!)

I can only do stills, I don't have any clue how to do the motion capture...

Will trade manga scan for help...or manga info...or my soul (will sell soul for Roy)....

Please? Onegai? *Begs*
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Ok, first off <3 those new op/ed animations/songs. frell yes, L'Arc~en~Ciel is back kicking @$$ <3!^^
anyway, I can't stop listening to that song and it resulted in a quick sketch at 1am in the morning nn; so it's extremely horrible.
+plus I don't do fanart, but blah blah blah--here's a quick sketch of Edward~
can't wait for the next ep~~~!
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until the joy drops


I said I would post all my FMA icons next post, so um, here they are ^_^; There's a lot because my life is spent in PSP.

I cannot for the life of me remember who made a good majority of these templates, but I know I got them all from icon_extras -_-; Bad Rachel.

*cough* Anyways! Please credit me if you use these.


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Well, that should be all of them o_o; If you have any questions about the lyrics I used, feel free to ask. Bye!
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CCS: Tomoyo--flower


Well; that was bloody...

(example: "Lust; tabette ii? **insane grin**" [fade to black screen] **munch/slurp** Me: **eating fried chicken** yummy...)
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Cross posted in fullmetal_icons

Hey everyone!

Inspired by the new OP and ED of FMA here are some ICONS!!!

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If anyone wants to use them just credit me and who made the template. Thankies and I hope you enjoy.
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(no subject)

God, isn't the new intro cool?
I'm in love with it. Thanks to the peep who supplied it! I should really download raws, it'd help with my screencapping. >.>;;


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I have to wonder at possible foreshadowing represented through the opening. There are a lot of fast clips in there, one of them the above picture, and ... well, god knows what it could be. Clearly there are dark times ahead, with just a glance at the second volume of the manga to go by, but I resist the urge to track down more and spoil myself. Yet, anyway.

But god, what a great intro that is. Roy's still the man. And it looks as if Winry's coming into it more too, whee.
Very mad world

And yet again more icons

Made these after realizing my obsession for the new OP.

[2]Credit vitani92 and any temp. makers
[3]Share/Enjoy/Have fun

[1] Temp. by pinkandvicious

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Not a good batch this time, but oh well.

I've noticed that FMA fans are usually on the computer in the evening. There seems to be more posts. XDXD
We only come out at night. >:D
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'ello 'ello :D

Well. I've actually been a member of this community for a while now, but I never took the time to introduce myself ^_^; I've really been lurking around for the most part...

Anyways, the name's Yami :O In love with FMA, even though that pretty much goes without saying. Dunno how much I'll actually be able to give to the community, but I'll try and contribute where I can.

...So yeah, just wanted to say 'ello, I suppose XD;

BTW, I'm loving the new opening and ending X3
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