January 10th, 2004

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Fic: Gyre (Roy/Ed)

FMA fic is eating my life. Circumstances has spawned a whole storyline, clamoring to be written. I am officially doomed.

So here's the next installment, may the muses have mercy on my soul (and please let me work on the diss for more than ten minutes at a stretch!).

Part of the Circumstances arc.
Opacity, implicit Roy/Ed, G, no spoilers.

Very mad world


You can finally download FMA volume 3 chapter 9 raw here~
Scans are all in their original size. (They might look a bit yellowish, but hopefully nobody will notice (damn photoshop ^^;))

Thanks soooo much to shisou_san and anyone else who offered to help :D:D:D:D

[EDIT] *coughtranslationsanyone?^^;*cough*
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FMA Cosplay

Hey everyone! I'm working on an Ed costume for Katsucon and I finished the National Alchemist watch today. It looks better in real life, but, here goes. ^_^


My dad helped me a lot with the design, I need to sand down the hand a bit more.

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llegas aquí para brillar lo tienes todo;
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Out out of the icons I've seen around here, I must say one of the most impressive things I've seen of them are fonts (so thumbs up to all those of you who've made icons). On that subject, I'm curious to know if anyone knows any good places to download icon-worthy fonts. Any help ish much appreciated! Thankies.
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touma karamochi (me! ^_^)

New songs, new episode, WOW! ^-^

TEH OPENING SONG IS SO VERY MUCH COOL!! I think I like it a bit more then 'Melissa'... ^-^

I knew that I had heard Envy's voice actress before, and I was right, thanks to gmiko who found out that Yamaguchi Mayumi is Envy, she was in Digimon(Gabumon, Lee in Tamers) and Galaxy Angels(as Forte Stollen)

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oh, and Rosa is back...
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