January 7th, 2004

Pissy Manga Sanzo

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Here's two icons, take at your leisure. Let me know if you do, and please credit me. -^^-

1. 2.

I'm super surprised the first one made it under the size limit...I wanna make an AMV to that song sometime. And I apologize profusely for the second one, that face just begged for an icon. :D
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Military Ranks

Okay so in my utter boredom (and excitement in getting my manga guide)...I translated the page that listed all the military personnel and their current ranks.

I am NOT an expert in Kanji (well that and my brother who is a Marine says these ranks don't make sense) but hey...I figured it out...

EXCEPT FOR BRADLEY!!! If anyone out in the community and writes fluently and wants Bradley's title in kanji....I'll send it to you...just leave me your email addy.

So without further ado...


This is a craptacular geocities site so please be gentle...bandwidth is not my friend unless someone wants to host the pic and translations on their site *waggles eyebrows*

Have fun!
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Castiel - BAMFwalk
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After a long and involved conversation with beckymarie, due to a discussion about kittens and Al and Ed taking care of them, this fanfiction blurb came out.

In which Ed and Al suffer with some kittens. Angst and fuzzy cuteness abound.

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hi! *waves*

this is my first post here, and i just wanted to say hi.
i discovered FMA on Christmas (w00t a gift from Squeenix to me!)
anyway, i'll prolly put some fanart up once i get my scanner working...

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Raw searching X3

Umyaah~ I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a hold of raws of episode 1-10 (even up to 12 would help and preferably in .avi format. W/o sound is fine as long as the actual video image thingy is in good quality.) or someone in IRC who's willing to send it to me. I need it for my 2004 AMV project that I'm entering for AN2004 (4months away ;_; ). So far, the rough version (it has the subtitles so it's icky) is more than 50% complete. I'm hoping I can find the raws and dled them when the rough is done so I can just do clip swapping at the end.

Some help finding them will be majorly appreciated. >_<;;
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Ammy / ticket to the end of the rainbow

newbie introduction

Hiya! My name is Kirisame, venezuelan, living in Spain, 21 years old. Huge Ed fangirl. I wanted to post here since forever! Nice to meet you!

OK, three things to share:
1.- I did some screencaps for the opening and the ending, just in case anyone needs them, I put them in this modest gallery. Also some Newtype scans I found at IRC and resized them.
2.- I'm making a Hagaren fansite since October, but I'm still writing the content, since I'm really lazy. I have the layout online, but don't bother clicking on the sections, since they're not finished (just the story one, I'm working on the characters). If you want to see it and make an opinion, here is Transmutation. I also set up a forum in a free board server for the site.
3.- If someone of the community wants to help me with my site (writing content, etc.) and become a staffer, I'd be really happy ;___; Also, fanarts, fanfictions and multimedia from you guys are more than welcome. I want to make a great site, and since I resumed making it this month and let the laziness aside, I'm gonna work hard ^_^
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Hello everyone!


Hello minna! ^o^
I've lurked in this community for 1 month.
Now I decide to post.
I'm an Italian FMA-lover girl.
My English is very bad, but however I understand. ;-)
I'm not good in drawing or make icons or anything... but...
Go Here
It isn't good, but I love Ed's cuteness in this screencap ^^
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