January 6th, 2004

faggy ball

Newbie bearing gifts

Hey all, new to this group having been lured into Full Metal Alchemist by Jade.... *evil glare* (like I really needed another fandom to distract me....)

But anyway, I'm here now, and I'm excited to see what you all have been doing! Yay! *bounces at the great fiction and art*

So I brought Icons, they're not much, but they're all I have.... *grin*
Apparently my FMA icon muses like moody icons.... so yea. If you want it, just snag it and let me know in the comments. And if someone asks, just tell 'em you got it from me. Yup.

Roy Mustang

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another newbie

yeah... just recently got into fma a (kinda-sorta joined lj for this community) and i'm really really enjoying all the great fics here.

i watched that ep with nina and was deeply disturbed. ended up writing on it-- AU sorta, also disturbing, and spoilerish if you haven't seen episode 7. occured to me that it would also be a good start to a darkfic or something, but it stands now as a one-shot

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