January 5th, 2004

Castiel - BAMFwalk
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so I went wild with the icons ...

I had the whole day to myself, and this was the result. I do *heart* making LJ icons. If anyone wants any, please go right ahead and use them (I'd appreciate a comment if you do). I have a free LJ account and so only have 3 slots, so I don't have room for all the icons I make. ^^;;;

May this scene never occur I <3 the magazine that published this pic

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screenshot help?

Hm... Are there any good sites with screenshots? Or does anyone know a good program or way to take screenshots. My computer doesn't like the "print screen" button and never has. Someone from another community told me a good program before, but I don't remember. -_-;;
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Fic: Air Feeds Fire (Roy/Ed)

This is actually sort of two stories. The first is solid angst, based on a moment I can't help thinking has to come along some time in Ed's career. The second is solid sex, taking the first as it's occasion. If you're not in the mood for either, they can be read separately. So:

Part I, angst, PG-13. Part II, lemon, NC-17. No spoilers.

Air Feeds Fire