January 4th, 2004

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Success! The scene I asked about before from volume six of the manga has been scanned for your Full Metal Alchemist-y enjoyment. Be warned of spoilers (don't let the familiar first two pages fool you) and large image files, generally running between 250 and 300 kb. All images taken from issue 23 of FMA. Also, because it's two pages per file, please look at the right image before the left.

Let the Spoilage Begin!

...and if anyone who *does* know Japanese wished to translate, I'd be eternally grateful.
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  • vikki

Erm, hello there!

Thank you, lauzlisong, for posting your fanfic here. Because of you, I found this community. *hearts the community*

all I know is the anime through episode 13. I want to learn about the manga, but honestly, I don't want to be spoiled for the anime either. T___T Ah, such a dilemma ... this series is just so CUTE that I can hardly stand it. Well ... you know what I mean. XD

Anyway ... Al got tired of his suit of armor and squeezed into my little body to write some fic, and the result was a fic ...

What price for a human soul? Even a body and a leg had left a debt that could cleave the world in two.

Please enjoy and leave a comment.
[/shameless plug]

Er ... yeah. *wanders off to go worship fma some more*

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Episode 14?

Has anyone heard the new opening or ending for FMA episodes 14+? I know the OP is done by L-arc-en-ceil (Sp?) , but has anyone heard the songs? Are they good songs?

Also, stupid question, when does FMA air in japan?
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I'm sorry to keep spamming the group, but I think I've finally managed to get it right. The page for the FMA volume six manga scans is good to go HERE , as thankfully GoDaddy's provides a much higher bandwidth allotment than Geocities.
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  • musami

Whee Fanart!~

hello.. im not really new.. i just dont post too much.. but! I actually have something! Some crappily scanned Edward fanart for you~

Collapse )

Im thinking of maybe coloring it later.. or atleast inking it.. but i really can't color and i dont want to screw up inking it either.. ._.
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