December 14th, 2003



In this month's Animedia or Animaxis, there was a Full Metal Alchemist scratch game card of some sort; does anyone know if Americans are welcome to compete in the contest? Or the prize? Apparently, 500 will win!

If no one's translated it so far, I'm going to go annoy the boyfriend to get at it. Kanji without furigana = THE BAD.
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touma karamochi (me! ^_^)

FMA Guide book(manga)

went to Animate today... and they are still out of most 'available' FMA (by 'available', I mean that it's advertised, but the items are sold out... ^-^) Did find 3 different FMA DJs(think they were Roy and Ed, or normal, but I'm trying to save money though...) as well as the new FMA Perfect Guidebook though(762en), very cool and filled with funny pics(manga pics, comic strips, etc), descriptions(like a map of the world FMA takes place in), and what-not else(a quiz, crossword puzzles and a Character Meme) about FMA...

The cover is funny, esp with Gluttony gnawing on Roy's arm... ^-^ and some guy has a arm around Lisa--while she has her gun pointed at his chin... *laughs* At the end there is a little manga story, and it's ... umm, a bit creepy...

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[edit- did find out the names of the new OP/Ed songs too, BTW, according to the Animate flyer I got
'Ready Steady Go', L'Arc En Ciel (OP song, CD available Feb. 4 at 971en)
[sorry, I'll have to get the end song title translated] singer - Yellow Generation(End song, CD available Jan. 28 at 1165en)]
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