November 19th, 2003

_tsumetai - waiting in the Air

Another new member

Don't we all just hate these posts??

Yeah I'm a new member but I've been into Full Metal Alchemist since episode 1 was realeased.

Ah don't worry, I won't be a useless member. When I have thime tonight I'll make some FMA wallpaper then post it or something.

Anyways nice to meet you all and Ja Ne!
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Heyla all.
A couple of you were very kind and offered me both advice and greetings when I commented earlier. Most appreciated.
Well, I'm new to the community, but I've been following FMA since Toriyama's world first started translating it.

In the way of community contributions, I have a little to offer.
Not much though I'm afraid. ^_^;;

I made a desktop a while back, that can be seen on this page.

And I have a few Collapse )

I've also got an FMA LJ mood icon set in the works. 29 or so icons to go.
Thank you catystorm for linking me to a program for taking screencaps.

Mood: embarrassed

I've added an example from my mood icon set. ^^;; Since I don't have a paid account, I just html a table into my entries, but I will set up a zip for download with proper info for use as anLJtheme when I complete it. Considering I started making the theme a couple of days ago, and so few icons remain... It should be finished soon. I've just got some of the hardest ones left to do.