November 17th, 2003

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*waves* Allo, I'm new to the community. I'll prolly lurk around here... ¬_¬x;;

I started watching the show when the first episode popped up on bittorrent, and I'm addicted. Haven't gotten around to finding/downloading the manga, blame that on time.

But, for my inagural post, I thought I'd show off my quick-little-fanart... Collapse )
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Eps 7

I promise no spoilers. I just wanted to say that I've been waiting for this to come out and I'm quite happy that it finally came... now I'm anxious for #8... it's a never ending cycle, I guess.

I must say there were some parts where I think the manga did a better job and there were some parts where the anime did in fact make things more dramatic. However, I think it's partially because it's moving animation so it's able to express more things than still pictures (that's not always the case, however). I think the fact that there are voices and other sounds also contributes to the drama that the anime gives. Nina sure sounds cute. I heard a little kid in Japantown on Saturday asking his mother "Kore nani?" in the most adorable voice that completely reminded me of Nina.

I was wondering if anyone here had any good theories as to why the anime is switching time frames and not going along with what the manga originally has. There are times that it annoys me and times when it doesn't seem to matter. What do you guys think?

A friend of mine who isn't a huge anime fan (working on changing that) saw some of the series and thought that Ed was a cute kid. And if he was only about 20 -21 years old at the least, (and REAL) she thought he'd make a cool bf, lol. I that was the last thing I expected to hear from her. She really digs his outfit too and I have to second that one; love his choice in colors ^.~
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don't shoot me...

Ok so well this crazy thought came to me as I was re-reading the manga scans (since I can't get anything new, I figured I'd just reread the old stuff =P)... There are some scenes, some images of Ed that just remind me of Kenshin from the Rurouni Kenshin manga. The way his hair is styled sometimes in Ed's profile (especially in scenes where you don't see his eyes), I just think of Kenshin (during the later books when Nobuhiro Watsuki's art changes drastically in them). Also, when Ed's hair is down, sometimes it reminds of what Kenshin's hair looks like when it's not tied back... Sometimes the style of how the fingers and hands are drawn are somewhat similar to Watsuki-Sensei's art style as well.

Ok, yes, I know I'm weird... and it's probably just me noticing this, but I couldn't help but post this idea with the hopes that I'm not the only insane... =P Again, please don't shoot me for this outrageous, silly post.
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Hi, I'm new around here. I got hooked on FMA in the past couple weeks and I just finished watching episode 7. ;_; I saw it coming, but the way it fell out was still pretty bad. Now I'm all depressed. Must watch some genki anime...